Photo Taco – Lightroom Virtual Copies


Jeff Harmon answers a question from listener Mike West about Lightroom Virtual Copies and history. He also talks about how to request Adobe add features to Lightroom and a little about the snapshots feature in Lightroom.

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

Lightroom: New virtual copies should inherit develop history (vote for the idea):…velop_history
Add “Cull” Module to Lightroom (vote for idea):…-to-lightroom
Photo Taco – Lightroom Queen:…htroom-queen/
Photo Taco – Bought Lightroom, Now What?:…ightroom-now/
Photo Taco – Lightroom Collections:…-collections/
Photo Taco – Lightroom Smart Previews:…art-previews/
Photo Taco – Aspect Ratio:…aspect-ratio/

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