Standing out from the crowd (TP EP-40)

Standing out from the crowd

With Alex Noriega

In this episode we talk about ways to stand out from the plethora of other photographers out there, and ways to approach iconic locations without just re creating the same images over and over.

Congratulations for being selected as the USA Landscape photographer of the year

Photographing Icons and Finding something new

  • The catch 22 of photographing icons aka, horseshoe bend, Mt. Rainier, Delicate Arch, etc
    • Millions have photographs have been made there by everyone with a cell phone
    • They are iconic for a reason, they are either abnormally photogenic, or an amazing natural phenomenon that doesn’t happen just anywhere
  • How do you approach Iconic spots to make you photographs stand out from the rest
  • Going beyond the obvious shot
  • The difference between copying and drawing inspiration from others
  • Drawing inspiration from more than one source


There is more to light, than crazy sunsets and sunrises

  • Lots of photographers get hung up on only photographing sunrise and sunset, what other light conditions should people be looking out for to still make striking images
    • 1. When its clear, shoot Twighlight or night

You can find alex’s work at www.alexnoriega.com as well as workshops and instructional videos.

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