Lessons Learned from 2016 (PS EP-88)


Top 5:

  1. Always have a backup plan
  2. It is easy to say Yes to things. Learn when to say no.
  3. It is okay to not be in control of every aspect of your work.
  4. Teaching is one of the most rewarding things you can do.
  5. Keep an open mind to new experiences.

Creative goal: I want to shoot at least 1 ad Campaign for a major company

Business Goal: To get my business to a level that allows for a sustainable long term growth/ To sell out all of the workshops Sandy and I are putting together.


Top 5:

  1. Make time for yourself.  As much time as you want/can afford.
  2. You’ll never please everyone all the time.
  3. If you don’t like something, don’t do it.
  4. Be adventurous.
  5. Ask for what you want.

Creative goal:  Create epic multiple exposures on a regular basis.

Business goal:  Book at least 5 more weddings at my highest collection.


Top 5

  1. There are only so many hours to go around,
  2. Preparing and saving for off season
  3. Finding a direction to go with your style should be a personal choice
  4. Being happy is more important than money
  5. The only things we can’t do, are the things we are too afraid to try.

Creative goal:  Find my own style, and try to have my work stand apart from everyone else.

Business goal:  Get streamlined, simplified, and organized.  Made great steps in that direction in 2016, now it’s time to tie up loose ends.

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