QA Session (PS EP-83)

Connor and Nick catch up, and answer more questions from the listeners.

Al Jurina Questions about outdoor portraits and OCF Questions like: Are there times when you don't use flash for outdoor portraits? What is the best modifier to use in every situation (like even when windy, since nobody wants to be Mary Poppins on a shoot). How do you best balance outdoor light and flash color balance? Do you have “go-to” settings to start off? Use a light stand or almost always bring an assistant? Where do you put the flash relative to the subject?

Sue Beauchamp Going with the premise that your portfolio should reflect the type of photography you want to book, how do you find opportunities to build your portfolio with images of higher end products or events when most often newer photographers are booked for lower end jobs?

David Medranda I'm trying to get my website together and was preparing to dive into Wordpress, but I'm having second thoughts. Should I go with Wix, SquareSpace or my host's custom option?

Richard Van Roy I have a question concerning cropping of outdoor portraits. When you deliver the final digitals do you crop each photo individually or do you crop all to 4 x 5 or 8 x 10?

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