Portrait Session Q&A (EP-82)

Jesse Park What is your favorite Lens setup for shooting outdoor portraits?

Andrew Block Two questions, I do a lot of volunteer photography in my kids classrooms. I use a magspheer and point it to the ceiling generally (or bounce on a wall). But, these are class rooms with ugly lighting so there are kids with nice white, and then background with a lovely yellowish tint. How do you handle? CTO? Second flash in a corner (seems kind of impossible)? Second question, do you guys ever do family sessions with little kids (10 and under) and use flash photography other than on camera fill light?

Aaron Taylor I struggle charging an additional fee for my clients to buy the full gallery. I may promise 20 images, but I'll always have 50 or so that are worth giving. I just can't bring myself to say, “For $75 more, you can have them all.” I think about myself as a client. I'd want all of the good photos. And I think about my clients' photos. What am I going to do with the extra 30 photos if they don't buy the whole gallery? They're just going to sit on a hard drive. That's nothing to me but could be more great memories for the clients. Plus it just feels like a gotcha. It makes me uneasy, too much like a car salesman (“Sure the base model will get you places, but an extra $500 will get you two more cup holders!”) and less like a human. Thoughts on this dilemma?

Adrian Mitchell I shoot a ton of Senior Portraits, and I'm trying to find a consistent and fair number of images to supply to my clients. My contract says at least 20, but I I usually deliver between 20-30. For my higher paying clients (more time involved), I end up around 40-50, but I find myself eating up a lot of time processing my images. Furthermore, do any of you time yourselves when editing, so you’re not spending so much time. I often perform some extensive retouching to eyes, skin, and hair. I'm OCD and want my image to look perfect for my clients. Maybe I should charge more for this, but the client doesn't know what goes on behind closed doors, to warrant the extra charge; they just know that they look good. Sorry, my question turned into like 3 questions.

Janice Bryan Excluding your nifty fifty, what is your favorite prime lens?

Debra Gomez Do either of use a 50 mm 1.8 lens for portraits ?

Nick Page Has anyone figured out Facebook's new algorithms? I've noticed a huge drop in the number of likes and comments on my photos this past month. Does Facebook suck or do I? LOL

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