IP Roundtable (EP-192)

Pre-Roll:  This episode is brought to you by the Improve Photography Retreat in Phoenix, Arizona March 8-11, 2016.  (Mention that you’ll be there as well as the other hosts who will be there.  There are only 58 tickets left!

EXCUSE JIM, who is in Glacier National Park in Montana this week shooting with 25 members of Improve Photography Plus on a free meetup.


  • Stanley Harper : Question is for Nick Page as I don't think I have seen the answer. For your off camera flash work, what are you using for light? One powerful strobe, or several speedlights together through that totally awesome softbox?
  • second, I have been using one speedlight for my OCF work and sometimes, it's just not enough. Would I be heading down the right path if I put together 3 or four speedlights together to act as one light source?
  • Sergio Fernandez I love the way off camera flash looks with a modifier. I can't lug that setup everywhere with me (family event snaps for personal use). I end up not liking my photos with the mixed lighting, Does this happen to you guys and what can you do to combat it?
  • Paul Coleman With the expense of glass,  legacy glass is becoming more attractive.  What guidelines or suggestions do you have?
  • Mark Morris For Nick: how are you recording right now, instead of shooting the new Mark IV???????



Nick – First thoughts of the 5d mark iv

Very similar yet improved build

Love the new button on the back.. I like to program it to change ISO

ISO performance seems to be significantly improved

The buffer fills too fast

The focus system is greatly improved

The Canon battery grip is worth it.

Laryssa – Working for Charities

One of the things I like to do is work for charity.

I will be doing a shoot for a friend of mine that is with “Big Brother, Big Sister”  

Her “little sister” needs a Senior Shoot.  I volunteer and plan to give her a print.  

What are the various charities you can work for and what can you give them.  

Jeff – Photoshop Select and Mask

  • Seriously challenged it this week.  Did a photoshoot for a homecoming group.  I did one last year for the older siblings of the group and so I thought I was really ready for it.
  • Had a stand with a white backdrop, 3 flashes, and then a girl came with a completely white dress!
  • Made what has turned out to be a terrible mistake for extracting people from the background, thought if I put up a darker background to help with the contrast would make it easier – nope.  Doesn’t work well when you are going to do an all-white background to have dark tones showing through the hair.  So stick with a light background if extracting, even if you put it on a dark background

Doodads of the week

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