Q&A with Erica and Nick (PS EP-72)

Erica and Nick answer questions from the Portrait Session Facebook group!

Mara Schack:  Tis the season of golden hour photos and I feel like half of them are turning out fuzzy! I can't seem to nail a perfect focus on my subjects, and it is always out of focus on that perfect smile or gesture-ugh! Any thoughts?

Phil Roccuzzo I always struggle with depth of field. I want a nice bokeh shot but tend to get one eye or ear slightly blurry. Is there a general rule for how far back (or close) I can be standing from my focus point at various aperture settings to get the proper depth of field? Does stepping further from the focus point expand the depth of field in the same way adjusting the aperture would if I didn't change my distance to the focus point? I hope my question makes sense.

Aaron M Grubb different people have different preferences for hard vs soft light and the angle of the main light. Personally, I don't much like hard light, especially on women. What do you guys prefer?

Morgan L. Weeks Wedding flash setups for when you can't use bounce flash due to black/high ceilings or no ceiling at all. Do you need to have a bunch of light stands or would an on camera modifier like magsphere work?  Erica’s speedlight clamps – https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/824387-REG/Impact_cc_102_Large_Clip_Clamp_with.html

Sara Lee For the people just starting to charge for services, maybe what are some effective strategies for marketing yourself, getting your name out there (other than word of mouth)?

Robert Mitchell Dodge and burn techniques. So many different ways! What's their preferred method. I.e. Blank layers w black and white paint, curves and layer mask, dodge and burn tool, luminosity mask, etc.

Bruce Ingram Skins tones and texture without looking plastic. How to look natural. Especially on teens. Connor’s retouching videos on I.P. Plus are a great resource for this!

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