Improve Photography Roundtabe (EP-177)

Questions of the Week:

  • Michael Urwin: So I am in a rut, I feel like I am losing my love for photography. I want to just take my camera everywhere with me like a little puppy, but I don't end up taking any photos. Any advice?
  • Angela Sanchez: I'm getting extremely frustrated!!! My computer updated to Windows 10 a couple of months ago. I don't know if that was the cause of all of this, but it happened around the same time. My Lightroom reverted back to the version before the dehaze option came out. I was having difficulty upgrading it to get it back…it kept failing. I deleted EVERYTHING and started over. At first I couldn't get it to reinstall because it kept failing. But finally I was able to figure out that there were some folders that needed permissions changed. I was able to get it reinstalled, but now I'm having the same problem with Photoshop. The problem now though is that the folders it is telling me that it can not move to/from I can not find when I try to navigate to them to change permissions. They are not there. Any ideas on what is going on??? This is starting to drive me crazy! I've used the CC Cleaner tool too and cleaned everything and tried to start over, but still having the same problem. Help!!!!
  • Zev Steinhardt: Suggestion for a future podcast, if I may: photography contests. (How to enter, which one are good ones/which ones are scams, what to look out for, what judges might be looking for in a winning photograph, etc.) Thank you.

Connor’s Segment: Moving toward Mirrorless

  • Currently replacing my backup camera with the Sony A6000. It is not quite powerful enough in low light to be a total replacement for my Canon 6D, but it is a strong competitor.
  • After doing a great deal of research I decided to start my move to Sony. Both Fuji and Olympus have great options as well.
  • I really like the digital viewfinder. It allows for me to see a live view of my exposure before taking my shots as well as review the shots without taking my face away to “Chimp”
  • Focus peaking allows me to see exactly what is in focus when focusing manually.
  • I bought a fotodiox adapter to be able to use my current Canon Lenses. It works well for Canon brand, but I have to manually focus third party lenses which isn’t as much as an issue as it would have been in the past now that I am able to see what is in focus.
  • Sony’s lineup of lenses isn’t very prolific yet, but they seem to be making some great strides. Between their current lineup of lenses, their affiliation with Zeiss in the production of G series lenses, and having adapters that support my current Canon lenses I am confident I will be happy in this new camera system.
  • It has been much less expensive to start the transition than I would have ever predicted.
  • While I haven’t yet found a buyer for my 60D and some of my primes I do not need, but the market price for those items is a lot stronger than I would have ever predicted. The camera body is selling for about half of what I originally paid for it a few years ago, but the lenses have maintained most of their value and likely will for years to come.
  • I have yet to rely solely on the Sony for the entirety of my shooting, however I will be going on a trip to Seattle next week, and I think I am going to leave the Canon at home to push myself to really test the A6000 out.
  • While it appears that the market will eventually move towards the mirrorless market, but that seems to still be many years in the future. Have any of you made any serious considerations of switching to mirrorless? What would you have to see happen in the mirrorless markets to convince you to make a switch?

Laryssa’s Segment Renting Gear

  • Going on vacation and also thinking of transitioning to mirrorless.  Have been thinking for months.
  • I was looking into renting for our trip to St Maarten next week and also to try out a different camera and not hurt my back.
  • I’ve tried out the following camera’s through rentals
  • Olympus OMD EM5 II
  • Sony A7II
  • Sony A6000
  • This gave me the opportunity to try out different camera’s before spending money on them.  
  • Downfalls of renting gear.  The cost.  To rent the Sony A7RII for 6 days was over $200 I also wanted to rent it for 2 weeks in August and the cost there would be $600.  Is it worth the money?
  • Also be sure if you are renting gear or more specifically a camera if it is mirrorless especially to get a spare battery

Midroll:  The Great Courses

Jeff: Lightroom CC 2015.6

  • Released on 6/8
  • Has lens profile updates, support for new cameras, support for tethering on new cameras
  • Fixed error for pano stitching “The file appears to be damaged” that looks like it only happened with a large number of really big files coming from the 50mp Canon 5Ds
  • Biggest thing though is the new “Guided Upright” feature.  I have tried it out and I LOVE it!

Doodads of the Week!

  • Connor- Mission Enduracool Techknit cooling towel 
  • BorrowLenses.com, Lensrental.com, Lensfly.com
  • Jeff: Seriously think all photographers who use Windows should set aside some time before the end of July to upgrade to Windows 10.  But to make sure your computer waits until you are ready, Never10 app.  https://www.grc.com/never10.htm?1

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