Building your Portfolio (PS EP-64)

Nick, Connor, and Brian McGuckin chat about portfolio building.

Tips for starting to build a portfolio:

  • 365 project (I don't love these, but they work for some)
  • Other ways to concentrate your shooting (self directed or guided portfolio building boot camp)
  • Don't put tons of images from the same shoot in your portfolio starting out. Pick out your best work
  • Try to focus on a particular type of portfolio you would like to build.
  • Don't just shoot, set goals for each Photoshoot and make a mental game plan of how you will achieve that goal.
  • Make the most of shoots that seem fruitful, where your getting good stuff
  • At the end of every shoot, try something new and daring, if it doesn’t work no big deal, but if it does, its a great way to grow and build upon your portfolio.
  • Work with models looking to build their own portfolio.. And do lots of personal projects.
  • You book what you share, make sure what you post to social media reflects the work you WANT to do

Tips for maintaining and curating your portfolio.

  • It is easy to keep work you were once incredibly proud of that isn't the best representation of where you are now. (Remember, it is better to show fewer great photos than a lot of good photos.)
  • Ask for other people’s opinions. While a non-photographer might not be able to articulate the technical reasons one shot is better than another, they also see a lot of images and can likely tell you which of your photos are better in their opinion. Take these with a grain of salt of course.
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