Improve Photography Roundtable (EP 167)

Questions of the Week:

  • Gary Lingenfelder – You recently talked about how focus stacking can easily be accomplished in Photoshop. Is there a way to do it in Lightroom?
  • Tim Evans – Any other canon users (I use a t4i) notice that the camera sometimes oversaturates red colors? Even when I'm using a custom camera profile made with my color checker, reds have almost no detail in them.
  • Eric Psota – Canon 80D is ISO invariant

5 Minute Segments:

Nick –  Storm chasing season is here

  • Use apps like my radar, and Weather bug to track lightning strikes, and track the direction the storm cells are traveling
  • Have location ideas in your area in mind before hand that way you can jump from scene to scene as the storm moves
  • Shoot from the edges of the storm.. Not from the middle of the storm
  • Find objects to silhouette against the sky
  • Long lenses compress the lightning in a way that make it look huge
  • Rain covers, remote triggers and lots and lots of lens cloths

Jim – Is the Drobo too Proprietary?  Choosing a good RAID system/NAS

Doodads of the Week!

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