Wait to Update! – New Lightroom update rejected [IP 144]

Jim, Nick, Jeff, & Darin sit down for a cautionary tale about Lightroom 6.2/CC2015.2. Darin waltzes into a mountain lake for a shot. Jim shares insight into the legalities of photographing subjects with tattoos. Nick takes us home with the concept of shooting bracketed shots in Portrait Photography. Tune in for this week’s Doodads!

What's in this episode:

  • Jeff has tested Lightroom's newest update (6.2/CC2015.2) and shares his thoughts on it thus far.
  • Jim empathizes with many photographers just wanting some stability to come with Adobe software releases.
  • Nick & Darin did not install the newest version of Lightroom and plan to wait out the storm.
  • The copyright issue of shooting photos of people with Tattoos.  Who owns the tattoo art?
  • Briefly blocking a photographer's shot earns Darin an icy response.
  • Nick explains how bracketing your shots is not only for Landscape & Real Estate Photography.  – It adds a rich look to your environmental portrait work.

Resources Mentioned:

  • Squarespace – (Use Offer Code ‘IMPROVE' to get 10% off your first purchase, and to show your support for Improve Photography!)
  • Jeff's links on rolling back to Lightroom 6/CC2015.0 & installing the 6.1/2015.1 patch for Mac & PC.
  • Lightroom 6.2/CC2015/2 Rejected! – (Great article by Improve Photography's Jeff Harmon!)
  • YN-560 IV – (Jim's Doodad of the Week & the best flash as far IP is concerned!)
  • iPad, Kindle, or any black tablet. – (Darin's Doodad of the Week for great reflections in when shooting Macro.)
  • Waterproof Pouch – (Jeff's Doodad of the Week for keeping your Smartphone clean & dry!)
  • Platypod Pro – (Nick's Doodad of the Week for having a camera mount on the go!)
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