Chicago. Improve Style [IP 129]

Jim, Brian, & Darin record from a hotel room in Chicago while attending the Out of Chicago Photography Conference.  The three are asked some questions by Improve Photography Readers including Amber Anderson!

What's in this episode:

  • Jim, Brian, & Darin discuss their favorite places they have shot in Chicago.
  • How do you shoot the Bean in Chicago without the people?
  • What to do when photographing a low-light landscape on a vibrating bridge.
  • Brian & Jim photograph the Chicago sign with free entertainment.
  • Getting better shots from the Willis (formally the Sears) Tower.
  • Techniques for better photos when shooting through chainlink or glass.
  • The benefits & drawbacks of ring lights.
  • There are different types of RAW files. – Which one is best?
  • Best applications for using a Tilt-Shift Lens.

Resources Mentioned:


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