Successful Portraits w/ Mandy Everet [IP97]

Darin sits down with a very talented portrait photographer from Omaha, Nebraska, Mandy Everet, from Captured by M.E. Photography.  Mandy & Darin discuss the importance of building rapport with clients, knowing your camera settings, & more.  Examples of her work can be found by visiting Captured by M.E. Photography's Facebook Page.

What's in this episode:

  • The importance of getting to know potential clients before scheduling the photo shoot.
  • How building rapport can melt away nervous tension by defining expectations.
  • Why it is absolutely necessary to know your camera & adapt to the situation.
  • Places from where Mandy draws inspiration for her poses.
  • What we are really selling when doing portrait photography.
  • Tips, tricks, & the reality of working with young subjects.

Resources Mentioned:

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