Jim’s Lightroom Preset Steal!

THIS SALE HAS ENDED THE FULL PRICE HAS BEEN REINSTATED!  I’m sorry to those of you who didn’t get the deal in time.  In fairness to all of those who purchased and were told the deal was ending promptly at noon MST, we will not be accepting any late-comers.  Keep subscribed to ImprovePhotography.com on Facebook, Google+, and the podcast so you don’t miss our future deals.

After years of tweaking and creating my personal collection of Lightroom presets, I’m making them available for download for the first time ever.

In the deal, you get all 75 Lightroom develop presets, the 1.5 hour “Lightroom Style” video training, an exclusive webinar, and more!

  • B&W Presets Package – $49.99
  • Portrait Presets Package – $59.99
  • Vintage Presets Package – $49.99
  • Import Presets Package – $34.99
  • Landscape Presets Package – $49.99
  • “Lightroom Style” Video Training (1.5 hours) – $88
  • Exclusive Webinar – $49.99
  • Other goodies: $20

Price – $447

$447 – Buy on Gumroad with Card

If Paypal does not give you a download link after purchase, PLEASE email us at info@improvephotography.com and we’ll fix it immediately. 

Do the presets work on any version of Lightroom?

Yep!  They work on ANY version.  The only minor caveat is that 4 of the presets use a feature only available in Lightroom 5 and minor variations in the Adobe processing engine between versions.  Any version of Lightroom works.  No special software needed.  No computer requirements.

What’s included in the video training?

The video training is 1.5 hours of videos where I show you EXACTLY how to use Lightroom presets, how to tweak the presets to match your photos, how you can create presets of your own, and some of my favorite tips for taking “okay” photos and making them look awesome!

When is the webinar?  WHAT is the webinar?

We will contact everyone who takes advantage of the Lightroom Steal this week to announce the date and time.  No worries if you can’t attend live.  The webinar will be recorded and emailed out to everyone after the fact.  In the webinar, I’ll cover the most frequently asked questions about using presets as well as my 5 favorite tips for styling your photos in Lightroom.

Can I wait and get this deal later?

NO WAY!  The price of these presets is going WAY up to $447 in 48 hours.  So unless money grows on trees where you’re from… Well, you get the idea.

 Aaah!  I didn’t get my download link after purchase!

No sweat.  Just email us at info@improvephotography.com and we’ll get it fixed for you immediately.

Aaah!  I’m having trouble installing the presets!

Have no fear.  There are step-by-step instructions included in the bundle.  Just shoot us an email at info@improvephotography.com and I’m confident we can walk you through it if you can’t find a good tutorial online that works for you (there are many available)!

Aaah!  I’m away from my computer right now.  Can I buy now and transfer them over later?

No problem.  You’ll get a download link in your email.  When you get to your computer just download them and don’t lose the folder.  You can transfer the purchase to as many computers as you use.

What about copyright?

You are free to use the presets on any computer you use.  The only thing I ask is that you not buy the presets and sell them to someone else.  I also ask that you not post them online nor give them to other photographers.

If you take an award winning photo and you use my preset on it–the photo is entirely yours.  You can use the presets on any commercial or personal photography work you do.  But if you do get an awesome before and after using the presets, be sure to post about it on our Facebook page so I can congratulate you!

Can I see more of what the presets can do?

Sure!  I recorded a little informal video showing more of the presets here.

If I’m planning on getting Lightroom for Christmas, can I get the deal now and install the presets when I have the program?

You bet!  The presets and video training will come in a downloaded folder.  Then when you get Lightroom, you can install the presets following the directions in the folder and you’re off to the races!  You can even download a free 30 day trial of Lightroom to get using the presets today.  If you don’t have Lightroom, you can buy the most current version of it here.

Comments from the I.P. Community

  1. Nicoel says

    HI Jim
    I paid for pre-set steal but link didn’t work unable to down load!!!! I was an xmas present can you email me a new link please. Receipt 4/12/13 @5.17pm
    Kind Regards

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