Uh oh. Pastor Blasts Photographer During Wedding Ceremony

If you said, “Uh oh” when the Pastor turned around…. you were right.

Angry pastor warning photographers.

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“This is not about the photography.  This is about God.”  That’s how a pastor BLASTED a photographer and videographer in a scene recorded on this Youtube Video.  Right in the middle of the vows, the pastor whips around to chastise the photographer whose DSLR shutter sound had apparently annoyed the pastor.

Few details are known of the story behind this unfortunate occurrence and we don’t know the back story here, but two things are certain: (1) All this bride and groom will remember of their all-important, life-changing vows is that their Pastor lost his temper–making a tiny annoyance into a massively embarrassing scene.  Did you see the bride and groom’s faces?  (2) Photographers should always, always speak with both the couple and the officiator before the wedding ceremony to understand proper etiquette for that particular ceremony.

What are your thoughts?  Was the pastor right?  Was he justified?  Was the photographer right?  Was this simply a miscommunication?  Should photographers carry bodies with electronic shutters while photographing certain ceremonies?  What about the couple?



  1. MrTL

    The pastor embarrassed the couple this is clear. He made a much bigger scene than the photographer ever would have. He’s a narrow minded pastor since God is everywhere, including the place he wanted the photographer to be!

  2. Myrna

    I think what was bothering the minister is that the photographer was using continuous shoot mode. Maybe this shot should have been left to just the videographer. I still think the priest was wrong to do what he did though. If the noise was bothering him, he should have just asked the photographer to be quieter.

  3. Lynn

    While I agree that the pastor overreacted, my pet peeve is photographers who shoot up front. If you don’t have the proper equipment and expertise to shoot a wedding without disrupting the ceremony – ANY ceremony – you should not shoot weddings. Photographers should be invisible, and the best ones are.

  4. bob potter

    You must confer with and explain to a minister where you will be and how often you will Click the hasselblad beast. They are loud and Big. Don’t become a distraction, Discuss with the bride her thoughts and desires, and all must agree to agree, A lot of ministers have a very weak presentation and can not stand any distraction, If the minister prohibits Cameras Period, Encourage the bride to change Churches, The minister is trying to Dominate the atmosphere of the entire wedding, I have 2500 weddings under my belt with a 50 year participation record and 99% have been very successful. Do not try to be the center of attention, Do your assigned Task and be quick and tactful and do not act as a Guest, You are paid for your experience and Knowledge, Try and not distract from the Reverence of the Event, Stay away from the front of the church, Some Shutterbuggers try and get on the ministers shoulder for a shot that most of the time will no be purchased, Common sense will prevail, Hash out all questions prior to the music starting, Do not be distracted by special requests, you can miss great impromptu shots by trying to help with a crying Child. Act like a sour puss and you get sour puss expressions, Humor will sell when fat cattle fail, Have some request expressions Jokes to fall back on, Have fun.

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