Lightroom Webinar Replay


Replay Available Below – If not working, use this link.

The 2015 Lightroom Preset Steal is available now for pre-order.  Only for those who watched the webinar (previous purchasers of the LR Steal), you'll also get my Lightroom beauty retouching brush set for free when you purchase.  Order now before the price goes WAY up!  Click here for more info.

63 thoughts on “Lightroom Webinar Replay”

    1. @Joni – I’m committed to the same insane price as last year. I just know you’re going to love them!

      No, you don’t need anything special to see the webinar. Just come to this page and click play on the video above and you’ll be on the webinar.

  1. I would love to learn your light room, I have sign up for the class in 2014 and I bought your preset for the year of 2014, not able to purchase your 2015 preset at this time, I am always following you and your pictures you take all I can say wow. You have found your craft and that in it self is a wonderful thing.

    Thank you for your web site and all you do to make a person be a better photography.

    Peggy Heard

  2. Hi Jim, Its been a busy year for me moving, family illness issues, and others so have not been able to learn how to use lightroom and the presets. Also for some reason this is the first communications I have received from you since I moved and was afraid I had lost contact. As I remember you had a online training class on lightroom which I would be interested in and also the preset steal you are talking about.

  3. Loved the bundle last year and enjoy your blog. As I live in the UK, I hope I will be able to watch the blog after the event as it will too late in the UK. Thanks.

  4. I’d love to be there but I’m trying to find what time it’s at for me (The Netherlands, Amsterdam, same zone as Paris, please help.
    If can’t make it, I’d really love a copy/recording if possible…

    Thanks so much!

  5. I am dying to see the webinar but have to get kids to piano lessons. Is this webinar going to be included with the preset package?

  6. Ivan Oliveira Terra

    Im from Brazil, and it will be at 00:30 or 12:30 am here… I work on the next day, so i wont be able to stay up this late considering that at this time it will begin… So, o prob wont be able to watch it =/

  7. Unfortunately, I’ll have to join the bunch that can’t be there for the webinar. I’d love to see the video though.

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