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Jim Harmer

64 thoughts on “Be Sure to Click “Confirm” in the Email We Sent”

  1. i connected because of the milky way vid….well done …loved it and will totally try out all the techniques….pretty sure if my nikon 3200 has a “long exposure noise reduction” option but ..hey.. thems the challenges….thatnks …Alex…a Scot living in Oman

  2. Hi Jim ,Merry Christmas to you,and i have AN FUJI,finePix 24x I take awesome shots but still have a hard time with all the Functions,and i try sell some shots,i have Fifty Thousand shots since last Christmase,and i can still learn,thanks drive safe

  3. Jim,

    Nice site. One thing: hitting tab after entering my edress should take me to the subscribe button, not this add a comment box.

    OK, we know who you are, but who is the hot babe in the photo with you?


  4. Sweet tips. I learned yesterday, that the young lady I have guardianship of, volunteered me to do her mother’s wedding, today! Talk about NOT being prepared. I am not a pro. I just shoot Some really nice pics now and again.

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