2018 Photography Steal Download Page

This page has everything you ordered.  Now that your purchase is verified, you can come straight to this link to watch your video later or to download at another time, so bookmark this page.

You can stream or download your purchased videos right here:

The Art of the Landscape Course

You can download this course for off-line play right here.

Landscapes In Motion Course

You can download this course for off-line play using the following download links:

Lightroom Presets Download

We have two download folders that you can choose from to match your version of Lightroom.  If you have a Creative Cloud subscription and you have updated to the newest version in the last two weeks, then download this folder.  It uses the “Version 4 processing engine” and will be most compatible for you.  If you don't pay a subscription for your Lightroom or have an older version, then download this folder.

Discounted Tutorials – Coupon!

To thank you for this purchase, I'm offering you a coupon to get $30 off a purchase of $50 or more on the Improve Photography Store.  Go fill up your shopping cart with a few more tutorials, and then use code “2018steal” to get the discount!  The little box for entering the coupon code in your shopping cart is small, so be sure not to miss it on the first page of the checkout.

A better option to get all of the Improve Photography tutorials and products is to check out Improve Photography Plus.  Improve Photography Plus is my popular subscription website with every product Improve Photography makes–all available to you all at once for a low-priced subscription.  If you were to purchase all of the videos and products in Improve Photography Plus separately, you'd pay over $3,000, but you can access it all for just $19.95/month.  We have dozens of hours of video tutorials on all different photography topics, hundreds of Lightroom presets, raw files for sky replacements, an iPhone app with the best photo spots all over the world, and much more.  Get your two week free trial of Improve Photography Plus now!



Mark your calendars! The webinar will be held on December 13, 2017 at noon MST and will be recorded for those not able to watch live.  The webinar will be embedded right on this page, and the recording will also be available on this page.

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