2015 LR Video Training

Are you looking for the 2016 Lightroom Steal?  That's over here.

Here it is!  My 1.5 hour Video Training Series–and you got it at a ridiculously awesome price!

NOTICE: We removed the password from this page temporarily since some users were having a tough time getting through.  This page is unlisted, however, so only people who purchased the deal can access it.  The videos are hosted on Youtube for your convenience but they are private Youtube videos and NOT public videos.













30 thoughts on “2015 LR Video Training”

  1. I listened to your podcast last week driving across Pennsylvania to Thanksgiving… lucky me!

    A) you mentioned you were giving a steal on Lightroom presets (I don’t even use post-shoot software other than Capture One to convert raw to jpeg). So I had to buy Lightroom…I guess?

    B) Lightroom 5 was having a black friday sale for $109. For some reason I waited until Monday. Cyber Monday (yesterday) it was selling for $69. WOW

    C) Then I bought your presets. Sweet deal, but I didn’t even know what a preset was. But in your download were these amazing videos!

    So now, I have Lightroom 5, a bazillion presets by you, and how-to videos by you. These videos are amazing, I’m on the 4th one and I really really like them. Just clear, instructional, common-sense, and warm. Thanks.

    Not a bad day to rocket me into world of touch up software.

    Thanks. Your timing was impeccable.

  2. Thanks, Jim ! ! !
    This is REALLY A STEAL ! ! !
    Just the videos alone are worth way way more than what I paid.
    Thank you very much for sharing . Your excellent teaching and articles had certainly help me tremendously .
    Thanks again.

  3. Jim,

    How do I complete the download of the presets? I have followed the instructions but I am unable to access the presets from LR.


  4. Hi Jim,

    Thank you so much for more fantastic content. Have always felt a bit cheeky taking your advice for free so pleased I can finally pay you for something.

    One of these days i will put aside 30 days and take you up on one of the courses 🙂

    Terry, London

  5. Jim, You are an awesome person. even though i have made my own presets, i still went ahead and bought them because it can make things little bit easier. Keep on teaching ! i can safely say even though we all miss Dustin, You can do it !!! Keep up the great work!

  6. Thanks Jim, I listened to every single podcast episode over the last 2 weeks and just finished as you announced the cyber Monday preset steal deals this weekend, so really great timing especially as I’m also now making the most of adobe’s £8.78 a month Lr & Ps creative cloud subscription. Love all you do and I learn so much from your site. As an aperture user previously, these videos have immensely helped my switch. 🙂

  7. WOW what a deal. I bought the preset package even though I didn’t have Lightroom yet because I knew I would not be disappointed. I have really enjoyed your shows and what a blessing for me just starting out in photography. I purchased Lightroom today so I can start using your tips and I am planning on signing up for you Lightroom class as soon as I get my monitors calibrated. Keep up the great work and thanks for the wonderful resources!

  8. Hi Jim,

    I was curious to know how to download the videos, which I believe it was stated that we could. Not that they were on YouTube…. I have a lousy connection to the internet at times (location is in the woods using cellular to download videos is choppy) so I was hoping to download the videos since watching them on YouTube just plainly stinks with the buffering and then dropped buffering. Any help to download them would be really appreciated.

  9. Rens van Gennip

    Hey Jim,

    gotta say I agree with Terry Simmons from London and her saying she’s glad she can finally pay you for your great work on the website, podcasts, video’s etc.
    I’ve been using Aperture so far, but will be switching to Lightroom. Haven’t had a chance to look at any of the presets or video’s yet but I will soon. I have the fullest trust in all of the content being worth the investment.
    I’ll be on the lookout for your next podcast (can’t wait really) and hopefully Dustin will join in too some time 🙂

    Please keep up the great work on the podcast etcetera.
    Kind regards and take care!

    Assen, The Netherlands

  10. Hey JIM,

    I don’t have Lightroom (and don’t even know how to use it) yet with me. But still I bought your Presets just by watching your Steal video. Would really like to thank you for your awesome work.

    Just wanted to ask you that if all above videos are available for download… so I can watch them in offline mode as well. If YES, please let me know the link.

    By the way… Thank you very much, keep great work going, happy clicking 🙂

  11. Jim!

    Thank you so much for creating this resource. I only really started taking professional photography seriously back in June 2013 when I picked up a Canon 6D with the 24-105 L Lens. Now I am in the process of turning a hobby into a sustainable business to support my dreams of adding value to others via photography. The website domains are purchased, the business cards ready to be handed out, a couple friends are helping me submit my personal content to replace Wordpress Placeholder objects on the site, Social Media accounts have been established, I am going to sign up for some of your classes, and I am talking with lawyers and accountants to ensure I am insured and covered as far as liability is concerned. Does any of these steps sound familiar? I would hope so in that you and Dustin went over the need to have solid marketing, insurance, and know the legalities before launching a business.

    I am one listener who took what you two said to heart and I know your passion to help others improve their photography is going to help me improve mine. Each week I look forward to the podcasts and I will have to call in to ask a couple questions about about various things, but I will wait until I complete your classes. Before the deal expired I was able to pick up Adobe CC for $19.99 a month since i am still working on my Masters, but what order to you suggest taking your courses? (Beginner>Intermediate> Portrait>Lightroom>Photoshop1> Photoshop2?) – I am leaving my full-time job here on 12/20/2013 to focus on this and graduate school so time is on my side for once.

    I am geared up and the only other thing I am going to buy is some lighting gear you recommended on a recent podcast so I do not neglect learning lighting throughout this process. Even though I consider myself a professional I have a high willingness to learn and would even be open to taking the beginner classes before taking your post production courses. In sum I know your sites will enable me to improve my photography and take it to a new level. This Lightroom Preset Deal was the nudge I needed, watching your videos and liking your teaching style helped, and now I just need direction on which courses to enroll in first.

    Thank you for all of your efforts and for your passion for quality!

    Darin Mellor

  12. Finally getting around to working with your presets. Thank you so much, couldn’t be happier and I also have to agree with Terry Simmons, she said it well. I’m thrilled. Thank you Jim.

  13. I love the tutorials that’s for sure. The pre-sets are priceless. That’s a given. Only issue I have is that the video are runnin at a very poor quality to the point where when your doing the comparisons, I have to take your word for it cuz I can’t see anything. I get the gist of things but the settings are completely blurry so I have no idea half the time what your changing. This my be on my end but my network speed is upwards of 30mbps. Can I download these somewhere in high definition? Is there something I can do to stream these in hd?

  14. I see in the training videos that it looks like you originally planned to include a beach scene. Is a training for the preset on this photo available? I’m learning a lot about the presets by watching your videos. Since I take a lot of pictures near the beach, I was very interested in this photo. Thanks so much.

  15. Hi thank you so much for resending the link to your presets that I hadn’t downloaded in time. I’ve downloaded them, but they don’t show up in Lightroom. I haven’t watched your videos yet, but hopefully it will help me as I’m not the most technically advanced individual. Any tips would be appreciated. Loving your work though!!

  16. Hunter Sprinkles

    Hey Jim,

    First of all I think these tutorials are great! As well as the presets themselves! I just have a general question about the use of these presets. When shooting portraits for a client do you recommend picking a single preset and using it on all of the photos so that they seem to “match”, or share a specific “style” or do you feel that it is okay to present a variety of different looks?

  17. Ahhh…I have just got round to starting the course (have been using the presets for a while and love them!) and can’t find the example pictures to work with….can you point me in the right direction please.

    Thanks in advance

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