Workshop Payment Page

Thank you for coming to the workshop!  We make no profit from our free workshops and we always end up losing money on every trip.  So why do we do them?  To get together with readers of Improve Photography and have fun for a few days.

It's our way of giving photographers who may never take the opportunity to go on an expensive workshop a chance to have a similar experience with other like-minded photographers.

Our workshop costs include: paying a part-time assistant to coordinate travel and communicating with attendees, a tremendous time from Jim in planning and publicizing the free events, host accommodations, paying for a conference room in the hotel we stay in, travel costs, paying national park permits (this is a HUGE pain in the butt and very time consuming), etc.

Improve Photography makes no profit from our workshops.  That's why we call them free, but there are costs associated with producing them.  We ask that attendees chip in to cover a portion of those costs and Improve Photography is happy to cover the rest for you.

You can submit your payment below.  Payments reserve the time of Improve Photography and are relied on to plan trip costs, thus they are non-refundable.  Your payment is not a deposit, but pays to reserve a spot that Improve Photography will hold open for you.

You can chip in below.

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