Lightroom 101 Video Workshop – Incredible Sale!

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lightroom-video-workshopLightroom 101 is a downloadable video workshop designed to be easy to follow for the most novice Lightroom user, yet packed full of tips and tricks that I use in my photography so as to be informative for any intermediate user as well.

This course has been one of the most popular online Lightroom courses since its release a year ago–and for 72 hours only–you can pick it up for a no-brainer price.  This sale is the last time you'll ever have a chance to pick up Lightroom 101 for this price.  As soon as the sale ends, the price will increase to $147 for good.

And because we really want you to be able to take advantage of this deal and get started mastering Lightroom, we're throwing in some of Jim's favorite Lightroom presets to make your portraits look their best, and 13 raw files so you can follow along with exactly the same file that Jim works on in the videos.

What's In the Package?

  • Over 4 hours of HD video training for Lightroom by Jim Harmer – $147
    • Each lesson is split up into easy, 10-minute segments so you can watch all at once or just as you have time to watch a segment
    • Videos can be downloaded for offline play, and are yours to keep. Many customers tell us they reference them for years after purchase
    • How to use Lightroom for the brand-new users, as well as tips and tricks for intermediate users who want to strengthen their skills
  • 15 of Jim's favorite Portrait Presets for Lightroom – $39.99
  • 13 downloadable raw files for the most important lessons so you can follow along with the video – $19.99 upgrade

Price When Sale Ends – $206.98

Sale Price w/ Coupon Code “INCREDIBLE” – $47

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Use coupon code “INCREDIBLE” at checkout to get this price!

Just SOME of the things you'll learn…

  • Jim's workflow for importing, organizing, editing, and exporting photos without wasting any time
  • How to stylize both nature and portrait photos for a more polished look
  • Proper sharpening settings for crisp detail in your photos
  • How to retouch skin for beautiful, and natural-looking results
  • Using the adjustment brush for localized changes
  • How to create slideshows right in Lightroom
  • How to create beautiful and dramatic skies in your landscape photos
  • Where to find your picture files that are in Lightroom
  • How to FULLY backup Lightroom–the right way!
  • Proper export settings for printing and use on the web
  • How to create your own Lightroom presets (in addition to 15 of mine which are included!)
  • Taking full control of color using the HSL panel
  • Virtually every adjustment in Lightroom is covered in the workshop

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[accordion_item parent_id=”stuffstuff” title=”Customer reviews”]”I just finished the Lightroom class. It was fantastic! The videos were very informative and easy to understand. I had some prior knowledge of Lightroom but certainly learned so much more with this class. I have reprocessed most of the photos that I had previously worked on based upon the new skills I learned. As with anything to do with photography, practice, practice.
Thanks, Jim!”
– C. Hines

“This class was a perfect fit for me. I enjoyed having the flexibility of watching one, two, or three lessons in one session. I have been using Lightroom for several years but have not had an opportunity for lessons with the more current versions. This class answered several questions that I have had and was packed full of little hints and tricks that I wrote down for future reference. I appreciate that I can go back and review the content of any lesson. Sometime, you think you have it until you try to apply it and then the questions pop up. Well worth the time and cost for anyone struggling to figure out Lightroom which is not intuitive. Thank you! I plan to take the Photoshop classes now!”
– Mary V

“Just completed the Lightroom Course and have learned a great deal. The videos are clear and well paced, Jim is honest about which parts of Lightroom he sees as more or less useful but the important editing sections are covered thoroughly and the course includes practice images which the student can adjust before Jim’s explanation of how he would take the editing himself.”
– Steve H.

…And there are hundreds more messages from our customers just like this that we get nearly every day.[/accordion_item]
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What version of Lightroom is this for?

We use the most current version of Lightroom to record our video tutorials. If you have Lightroom 5 or subscribe to Creative Cloud, that's the version we use. For Lightroom 3 and 4 users, you'll have NO PROBLEM in the class. There are very few differences and Jim always points those out so you are never lost.

Is this a beginner class, or for more intermediate/advanced users?

We have organized the class as a step-by-step process through Lightroom. So if you're brand new to the program, you'll learn step-by-step how to use every function in Lightroom. If you've been using Lightroom for a while but are self-taught or “youtube taught” then this is the PERFECT class because you'll fill in all the holes in your workflow. We have hundreds of satisfied customers who are both brand new to Lightroom or are intermediate Lightroom users. Full-time professional photographers probably should not take this course.

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What if I'm on a mobile device? Can I buy?

Yep! You can buy on any device. After purchase you'll be able to download the videos. If you're on a device that can't do the download, no problem. You'll receive an email with the download link so you can download when you're on wi-fi or have more time. We make it as easy as possible.[/visibility]

What happens after purchase?

You'll be able to download your videos, presets, and raw files for practice right away if you wish. If you would rather buy now and get started when you have more time–no problem. You'll receive an email link in your email that you can use to download the package at a more convenient time.

Lightroom is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Inc. Adobe Systems does not endorse Improve Photography LLC.

8 thoughts on “Lightroom 101 Video Workshop – Incredible Sale!”

  1. Darn…I just bought the presets and wish I would have known about this I would have spent the extra 8.00 for the classes as well….super frowny face.

    Maybe it will come up again??

    1. There isn’t much new in Lightroom 6, honestly. But any time there are additions to the software that change the content of the video, we update it. So no worries, it will work great with your software.

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