Jim Harmer’s Real Estate Photos


This page shows some of the before and afters that I have done for real estate agents in the past.  You can click on the middle bar and swipe to see the before version, and the after.

This first example is of a commercial property in Florida.  The building is gorgeous, but the photos of the property just didn't capture the unique character of the area.  I photographed the same location in the evening and created something that the owner was happy with.  In fact, he ordered a gigantic 12 foot long print of this photo to put in the lobby of the building.








This next photo is near and dear to my heart.  It's my own home.  The “before” photo is the actual photo that a real estate agent used to advertise the home when I bought it.  The photo is shot in a way that you can't really see the house much since it is covered up by landscaping.  Also, the daytime shot doesn't give the photo any kind of “mood” that would make a home buyer interested in seeing the property.  The after photo is shot from an elevated perspective and shows the home large and clearly in the photo.  The home is made to look warm and inviting by using more interesting lighting.





The next photo shows a kitchen shot first with little effort.  Sellers don't always spend enough time preparing the home to look its best when photos are taken, and this kitchen is no exception.  The before and after is dramatic!





Not every home is a million dollar home.  The home pictured below was a little dated, and felt very dark inside.  But it was made to look bright, clean, and airy by opening all the windows and using multiple flashes inside to brighten up the space and make the lighting of the interior match the lighting outside.


One unique thing that Improve Photography offers is aerial photography.  This is the latest trend in real estate photography, made popular by consumer drones that allow you to get a perspective like the one below.  This gives a potential buyer a good feel for the neighborhood, ability to see the mature trees around a home, and an idea of how the home sits on the lot.


This next photo is of a pool home that I photographed for a homeowner in Florida who wanted to showcase the pool.


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