Post Photo Gear for Sale

Important Notes Before You Post:

  • List your photo gear items INDIVIDUALLY rather than as a package when possible.  For example, a camera and lens should be separate items; however, you can include smaller accessories in one post such as batteries.
  • The price you list should include shipping costs to anywhere in the United States.  You can only charge shipping if it's an international transaction.
  • Never (ever) mail an item until you've been paid in full via Paypal from the buyer.
  • Do not mail an item until you have verified the buyer is legitimate.  Check to see if they are a member of the Improve Photography Podcast Facebook group, look at their photography website, etc.  Some portion of this forum requires trust and honesty between the buyer and seller.
  • Be RUTHLESSLY HONEST about the condition of the gear in your posting.  Is there any tiny little hairline scuff on the LCD?  How many shutter actuations?  Does it need the sensor to be cleaned?  Have you had any issues?  Buyers will appreciate your honesty and will trust your listing much more.
  • Once you've communicated with the buyer via email or text and the buyer has paid via Paypal, IMMEDIATELY ship the item within 24 hours and IMMEDIATELY send tracking info to the buyer.  This tells the buyer they can trust you.  Also, remember to remove your listing.
  • YOU are responsible for the item arriving at the buyer's house in good condition because YOU package it.  If the item arrives damaged or not in the condition you describe, YOU are responsible for accepting the return.  Buyers may not request a return or refund for any reason other than if the item is not substantially as described.  A buyer can't simply change his or her mind within 30 days.  Items are sold as-is.
  • Images must be sized-down to 900px on the long edge at 70% quality or the system will not accept them.

Legal Notice: Your use of this buy/sell section is at your own risk.  Improve Photography LLC cannot and does not verify participants on this forum in any way.  You are responsible for verifying the trustworthiness of the buyer or seller.  


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