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2 thoughts on “Ask”

  1. Hi, i have an entry level Nikon camera (d3300) and have a question about shooting portraits outdoors. I know I need to set the exposure for the background and let a speedlight light up my subject, but my camera does not allow for high speed shutter speed light capabilities, it caps off at 320. Is there any other way to light up my subject? I don’t have any portable lighting equipment other than a reflector, but don’t know if that will be enough.

  2. Hello, I am just starting up a business doing portrait photography and am starting to deliver files to clients. My question concerns the sharpening aspect of the editing process. What is the best sharpening method for clients who might want to both share the photos online as well as have some printed. I am sharing the photos all through my website online and they just download the ones they like. Should I ask them to specify what they would like to use the file for? If they are printing or just viewing on a screen? Any input would be appreciated.

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