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Disclaimers and all that ethical and legal junk

ImprovePhotography.com is owned by Improve Photography LLC and is authored by Jim Harmer and Dustin Olsen, with several guest bloggers periodically joining in.  Improve Photography LLC is responsible for the content of this website, and owns this site.

Many trademarked products, companies, organizations, and services are referred to on this website.  No sponsorship or endorsement of any kind should be inferred unless specifically stated.  All marks are owned by separate entities and not Improve Photography LLC.

I did not take all of the photos on this website.  Many of the photos used come from stock.  If I took the photo, you will know it because I usually give myself credit in the caption.  When a photo is from stock, I just give a generic description of the image.

Many of the links on this website are affiliate links to Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.ca, B&H Photo, Hostmonster, BorrowLenses.com, and other sites.  This is one way that I monetize the website.  This does NOT, however, affect what products I recommend.  If you've ever used Amazon, you know it has practically every photography product ever made.  I could recommend anybody's product and get the same percentage, so it really has no impact on what I like or don't like.  Also, clicking on an affiliate link does NOT change the price you pay at Amazon.

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