View and Download Your Purchased LR Video

All of the videos are available to stream on any device right here at the top of the page. Bookmark this page so that you can easily return at any time. If you would like to download the videos, however, you can do so via the links below.

Module 1  Overview (Download)
Unit 2 Import (Download)
Unit 3 Organizing Your Photos (Download)
Unit 4 The Basic Lightroom Workflow (Download)
Unit 5 Cardinal Sins of Lightroom Storage (Download)
Module 2 Learning the Professional Workflow
Unit 1 Setting Up a Proper Work Station (Download)
Unit 2 Saving Time in Lightroom (Download)
Unit 3 Shooting Tethered (Download)
Unit 4 Export (Download)
Module 3 Essential Skills
Unit 1 Sharpening (Download)
Unit 2 Develop Module's Main Adjustments (Download)
Unit 3 Working with the Adjustment Brush (Download)
Unit 4 Taking Command of Color (Download)
Unit 5 Lens and Camera Calibration (Download)
Unit 6 Project #1: Taking One Photo to Task (Download)
Module 4 Becoming a Power Editor
Unit 1 Working with Skies (Download)
Unit 2 Creating Jaw-dropping Sunsets (Download)
Unit 3 Stylizing Landscape Photos (Download)
Unit 4 Going Black and White (Download)
Unit 5 Project #2: Car Photo (Download)
Module 5 Becoming a Power Editor: Portrait Photography
Unit 1 The Eyes Have It! (Download)
Unit 2 Blemish Removal & Skin Smoothing (Download)
Unit 3 Stylizing Portrait Photos (Download)
Unit 4 Lightroom Preset Crash Course (Download)
Unit 5 Project #3: Perfect Retouch (Download)
Module 6 The Lesser-used Lightroom
Unit 1 Web, Slide, Print (Download)
Unit 2 Roundtripping to Photoshop (Download)



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