2015 LR Steal Webinar

6 thoughts on “2015 LR Steal Webinar”

  1. Very informative but over my head I’m afraid. Just bought Lightroom5 and trying to figure it out. Watching U-Tube and playing with different options. Not to mention the presets I bought from you, I have to figure out how to merge them with this program. Ughhh

  2. Hi Jim,
    Thanks so much for creating this amazing tutorial. It was very helpful. I have been using LR for years and am no where near fully experienced with it. This was great.
    One small suggestion would be to have your light box in the upper right hand corner so as to not cover the develop panel. That way we can see everything you are doing.
    Thanks again!
    Susan 🙂

  3. For LR import – I create a LR catalog on my laptop with the event photos, work on them as normal. Then when I get back to home, put photos + LR catalog for that shoot on a drive, then in the desktop LR choose “File > Import from Another Catalog…” which will permit importing of the photos, RAWs, etc.. AND keep any ratings, collections, flags, etc that I did while on the road intact.

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