The 2015 Lightroom Preset Steal – Cyber Monday IP

Ordering is now available!  

After the incredible popularity of my Lightroom Preset Steal last year, I've spent all year preparing a brand new collection of presets for 2015.  I've traveled the world this year on various photo shoots for inspiration for the 2015 preset collection.  I'm ecstatic to finally bring them to you for the first time.

In addition to these carefully crafted Lightroom presets, I've also included a specialty collection of digital makeup brushes for portrait photography, a new 1-hour Lightroom Style video training, and more.

In the deal, you get all 83 Lightroom develop presets, the 1 hour “Lightroom Style” video training, a short Lightroom crash course, an exclusive webinar, and more!

  • Silver and Black Presets Package – $34.99
  • Short Lightroom Crash Course- $19.99
  • Portrait Presets Package – $39.99
  • Jim Harmer's “Lightroom Style” Video Training (1 hour) – $98
  • Retro Modern Presets Package – $34.99
  • Classy Matte Presets Package – $34.99
  • Boosts Presets Package – $9.99
  • Landscape Presets Package – $39.99
  • Exclusive Webinar – $55
  • Other goodies: $40

Price After Sale – $407.93

Price Today – $39.99

(Approx. International pricing: £25.63 GBP,  €32 Euros,  $45.67 Canada,  2488 Indian Rupee,  $47 Australian Dollars,  4744 Japanese Yen,   557 Mexican Peso, etc)

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Can I wait and get this deal later?

NO WAY!  This isn't like your local furniture store that has a sale every week.  It's now or never.  As soon as the sale ends, the price will go up to $407.93 and will stay there.  So unless money grows on trees and you don't mind paying 10 times more later… well, you get the idea.

Do the presets work on any version of Lightroom?

Yep!  They work on ANY version.  The only minor caveat is that 4 of the presets use a feature only available in Lightroom 5 and minor variations in the Adobe processing engine between versions.  Any version of Lightroom works.  No special software needed to use the presets other than Lightroom itself.  No computer requirements.

What’s included in the video training?

The video training is a 1 hour video where I show you EXACTLY how I use these Lightroom presets in my professional work, how to tweak the presets to match your photos, how you can create presets of your own, and some of my favorite tips for taking “okay” photos and making them look awesome!

When is the webinar?  WHAT is the webinar?

The webinar is your opportunity to learn Lightroom and presets in greater depth.  After the sale you'll receive an email with a chance to submit your Lightroom questions and I'll answer them on the webinar.  There is no specific time you need to watch the webinar as it'll be recorded for you to watch at your convenience.

 Aaah!  I didn’t get my download link after purchase!

No sweat.  Just email us at [email protected] and we’ll get it fixed for you immediately.

Aaah!  I’m having trouble installing the presets!

Have no fear.  Installing presets is a piece of cake and I made step-by-step instructions on how to do it here.

Aaah!  I’m away from my computer right now.  Can I buy now and transfer them over later?

No problem.  You’ll get a download link in your email.  When you get to your computer just download them and don’t lose the folder.  If you don't see the link check your spam and transactional folders.  You can transfer the purchase to as many computers as you use.

What about copyright?

Feel free to use these styles on ANY of your personal OR commercial work.  No need to give attribution.

Is this the same as last year's Lightroom Preset Steal?

No way!  You think I'd sell you last year's stuff?  These are completely new presets, completely new videos, etc.  If you liked last year's deal, you'll love this one!

If I’m planning on getting Lightroom for Christmas, can I get the deal now and install the presets when I have the program?

You bet!  The presets and video training will come in a downloaded folder.  Then when you get Lightroom, you can install the presets following the directions in the folder and you’re off to the races!  You can even download a free 30 day trial of Lightroom to get using the presets today.  If you don’t have Lightroom, you can buy the most current version of it here.

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