Lighting In A Flash

How to get spectacular results with basic flash gear

Master Flash Photography


Why Lighting In A Flash?

Lighting In A Flash is the ultimate training guide for photographers who want video tutorials on both learning the basics and mastering flash photography.

World renowned photographer, Jim Harmer, will teach you step by step in the classroom and also on location to show you how he creates stunning photographs with the most basic flash gear.


What's Included

19 Video Lessons

Each lesson teaches you a new technique, with many videos filmed on-location so you can see exactly how to recreate any lighting situation.

Download & Keep Forever

The videos are yours to download and keep forever. Watch them on any device, as often as you like, for years to come.

After teaching thousands of photographers flash photography, your instructor, Jim knows the common sticking points for newer photographers and walks you through exactly how to get past them.
 You'll learn all the foundations of flash photography, even if you've never touched a speedlight before. You'll learn:
  • The three characteristics of light
  • How to work with a flash sync speed
  • Why buying a flash with ETTL is usually a waste of money
  • How to get the brightness of the flash right every single time without a flash meter!
  •  Default camera settings that Jim uses almost every time he takes a flash photo.
Watch and learn as Jim shows you how to create 5 professional portraits without professional models. He photographs his wife, his kids, a dancer, a friend's baby, and his neighbor kid.
Even with minimal, inexpensive gear, you can create stunning portraits!
An often forgotten, untaught technique, the zone system is one of the most valuable flash photography techniques a photographer can learn!
After this lesson, you will feel in control over the specific brightness of different areas of the frame.
Despite popular opinion, photography is not all about the gear, but having quality gear can help new photographers gain confidence and achieve quick success. Don't worry, Jim will show you have to get it at a great price!

Jim created this entire training with two light modifiers and a cheap flash.

The Lessons

Access 200+ video trainings, 340+ Lightroom presets, and much more whenever you want anywhere and anytime.

Instant Access

Lighting In A Flash


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About The Instructor

Jim Harmer

Jim is a world renowned photographer, once listed as one of the 10 most popular photographers in the world. His landscape and portrait work has been featured in some of the world's most popular publications.

He famously graduated law school, passed the bar exam, then gave up law to pursue his passion for photography. Next, he founded Improve Photography and has helped millions of photographers improve their photography over the last decade.



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