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Jim Harmer

64 thoughts on “Be Sure to Click “Confirm” in the Email We Sent”

  1. Thanks for producing the newsletter. I particularly would love to learn more about getting sharp photos with good depth of field (when I want it), while using a macro lens.

  2. So looking forward to the tps and tricks.. Always been a bit of a shutterbug but have a nice camera now .. learning how to use it efectly is the key !!! Thanks for the invite

  3. I have always been a picture taker – now I want to be an image maker. Thank you for the opportunity to learn from you.

  4. I’m a novice, want a concrete foundation on the three main aspects of photograpy viz. Exposure (aperture/shutter speed/ISO), Focus, Composition. Hope you’re tips will be a good beginning. Thanks.

  5. Thanks, looking forward to learning how to use the Presets etc. Just need to buy Lightroom ; that’s for next week.

  6. Kathy Sanders

    I am new to your site and I believe I missed the chance to purchase your lightroom preset offer. Just wondering if you will have it again soon. Thanks

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