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Sunset Photography Camera Settings for Beginners

In Photo Basics by Rusty Parkhurst31 Comments

Everyone can enjoy and appreciate a beautiful sunset.  And admit it, regardless of how cliche it may be, sunset photography is tons of fun.  Having the ability to capture the last rays of the day and amazing golden light bathing the landscape is very satisfying. A couple years ago, I decided that I was going …

10 Tips for Beautiful Sunset Portrait Photography

In Portrait by Jim Harmer16 Comments

Since I live only a few minutes away from the beach, many of my portrait photography clients want their photo taken on the beach.  In response to a a question from one of the students in my online photography class, I wrote this list of 10 tips for sunset portrait photography. Sunset Portrait Tip #1: …

30 Tips for stunning sunset photography

In Landscape/Nature by Jim Harmer119 Comments

Sunset Photography Tip #1. Underexpose.  This is the most important tip for taking pictures of sunsets.  Slightly underexposing the sunset will make the colors look more rich and defined.  The entire scene will become more dramatic.  You can underexpose by using manual mode and selecting a fast shutter speed, or you can shoot in aperture …