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4 Tips for Shooting Sports in the Rain

In Sports Photography by Dave Miller1 Comment

Fall is here and the weather is changing. Gone are the days of bright and harsh sunlight and now for the cloudy and gloomier days.  The clouds we like as a sports photographer because the bright summer sunlight can be harsh and cause shadows on faces.  I heard one photographer once say “clouds are natures softbox.”  I always liked that …

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The Ultimate Guide to Photographing Night Sports

In Post-processing, Sports Photography by Brian Pex3 Comments

Anyone who has ever tried their hand at Photography  for a night High School football game or any indoor sporting event in the past knows that the challenges presented are many. Night Sports Photography (Or low light Indoor Sports Photography) can be and is very challenging. The light is not what we would consider “good light.” When low lighting situations …

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5 Outdoor Sports Photography Tips for Dads

In Sports Photography by Dave Miller3 Comments

Your child is now old enough to start playing sports.  Like any proud parent you run out to the nearest big box store and pick up the latest camera kit.  The one with the latest camera body and a couple of lenses.  You arrive at the first game with your new camera, now what? That was me about 10 years …