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Reviewing Some Basic Flash Gear from Impact

In Gear, Portrait by Brent HuntleyLeave a Comment

As a landscape and travel photographer, I had never had any interest in flash photography, but, as many of you can probably relate to, following Improve Photography and listening to the podcasts has opened my curiosity to try many new things in photography.  Flash photography is one of those things.  Soon after buying a YN-560 …

When Do I Use the Different Reflector Colors?

In Portrait by Jim Harmer18 Comments

If anyone in my classes is interested in portraiture, I usually tell them that the best piece of gear they can buy to improve their photography is a simple reflector.  When they hear that a good one only cost about $25, they run out and buy one…. then, I know it’s coming. They come into …

FUNdamentals of soft light for portrait photography

In Portrait by Jim Harmer15 Comments

When you start talking about teaching the fundamentals of anything, people tune out.  I’m hoping I got you here with the whole FUNdamentals thing.  Seriously, this post is gonna be a lot of fun (no, not really). Soft light vs. Hard light We’ve all heard people use these terms and many of us probably know …