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4 Tips for Shooting Sports in the Rain

In Sports Photography by Dave Miller1 Comment

Fall is here and the weather is changing. Gone are the days of bright and harsh sunlight and now for the cloudy and gloomier days.  The clouds we like as a sports photographer because the bright summer sunlight can be harsh and cause shadows on faces.  I heard one photographer once say “clouds are natures softbox.”  I always liked that …

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Review of the Agua Quick-Draw Storm-Proof Holster by Miggo

In Gear by Brent Huntley1 Comment

Last March I set out on a quest to upgrade my camera strap that led me to testing 18 different straps.  I was preparing to publish a massive review today featuring all those straps, but changed my mind when I started writing about the Agua from Miggo.  You see, the Agua is not really just a camera strap.  It is …

Photographing Rainy Weather in Nauvoo

In Landscape/Nature by Jim Harmer5 Comments

On my mega-long road trip last week, I stopped to do photography in the beautiful city of Nauvoo, Illinois.  The city is full of rich history which is related to my religion, so it was an especially important shoot to me. I planned to wake up at 5AM to get out and shoot the sunrise, but I awoke at 3:45AM …

$5 Photography accessory will save your bacon

In Gear by Jim Harmer0 Comments

Get out your wallet.  Trust me on this one… you need this little thing.  Your camera costs hundreds or thousands of dollars and you often go out shooting where you’re away from shelter.  One little rain storm could be the end of your DSLR or lenses.  We all put buying a DSLR rain sleeve off thinking we won’t need it, …