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The Rembrandt Triangle In Photography: Beginner’s Guide

In Portrait by Pete LaGregor2 Comments

As you start to learn more about flash techniques and lighting setups, you are guaranteed to hear or read about Rembrandt Lighting or the Rembrandt Triangle. This is one of the most common lighting setups along with short and long lighting, split lighting, butterfly lighting, loop lighting, or clam shell lighting. If you are just …

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10 Family Portrait Posing Tips For Photographers

In Portrait by Pete LaGregor8 Comments

If you came here looking for ten specific poses for families, you’re probably going to be disappointed. But if you came here for some strategies and techniques for posing to get the best images from your family portrait sessions, then keep reading. Sure, some of these tips go a little beyond just actual posing, but …

How to use spot metering for portraits

In Portrait by Jim Harmer8 Comments

I recently read a blog post from a pretty competent photographer who said that there is no reason to use spot metering. ┬áSpot metering is where the camera determines a proper exposure not on the average brightness levels of the whole frame, but just of one specific spot. ┬áThis photographer, like me, is principally a …