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The Rembrandt Triangle In Photography: Beginner’s Guide

In Portrait by Pete LaGregor2 Comments

As you start to learn more about flash techniques and lighting setups, you are guaranteed to hear or read about Rembrandt Lighting or the Rembrandt Triangle. This is one of the most common lighting setups along with short and long lighting, split lighting, butterfly lighting, loop lighting, or clam shell lighting. If you are just …

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S1 and S2 Modes on a Flash: What’s the difference?

In Photo Basics by Matt Gavin3 Comments

Flash photography can be quite daunting but once learnt, can provide an edge to your photography and give amazing professional looking results.  Shooting in TTL, S1 and S2 modes or using a trigger, once the basics of flash photography are understood, it can be very simple to really make a step change in your photography. …

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YN560TX Manual: A Helpful Illustrated Guide

In Gear by Brian Pex12 Comments

The Yongnuo (YN from this point foward in the article) 560TX flash controller is a tremendous value (UNDER $40.00USD) and provides you, the photographer, with the ultimate in control over your YN speedlights remotely. This can either be done  from the hot shoe or even beside you at your computer while shooting tethered! It is …

A Guide to Buying Cheap Wireless Flash Triggers

In Portrait by Jim Harmer17 Comments

Want to try off-camera flash, but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a set of PocketWizards?  Welcome to the world of cheap eBay and Amazon wireless flash triggers, which will allow you to wirelessly fire your flash even when it is not connected to your DSLR camera. If you’re ready to venture off …

Off-camera flash… on the cheap!

In Portrait by Jim Harmer221 Comments

Someone once told me that you’re not a serious photographer until you have the gear to do off-camera flash.  While I’m not sure that this is an accurate statement for many reasons, most of us want to have this technique as an option in our tool belts; however, you’ve probably been down to the camera …