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The Ultimate Guide to Editing a Milky Way Photo

In Landscape/Nature by Kevin D. Jordan14 Comments

Post-processing is an extremely subjective part of any photographer’s workflow.  By putting in days of practice, each photographer eventually develops a characteristic look that can be seen throughout many of their photos, whether that be high contrast, low contrast, highly saturated, monochrome, bright exposures, dark and moody exposures, or anywhere in between.   While there …

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5 Great Ways to Reduce Noise in Your Photos

In Post-processing by Kevin D. Jordan8 Comments

Even though the low light capabilities of today’s cameras continue to improve, noisy images are still a common challenge among photographers.  As much as we would love to capture photos with exposure settings that yield the cleanest possible image, many shooting situations call for us to make the choice between getting either a noisy photo …

More than you wanted to know about noise

In Photo Basics by Jim Harmer19 Comments

This is a sample chapter from Jim Harmer’s book Improve Your Night Photography.  Check out the book! The success or failure of your night photography will likely depend on whether or not you have fully mastered your low-light shooting technique. A skilled night  photographer can leave a shoot knowing that all of her images were shot correctly …