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Long Exposure Shots Coming Out White? Here’s Why.

In Photo Basics by Brent Huntley1 Comment

Shooting long exposure photography is one of my favorite things to do with a camera.  It gives you the ability to capture something in an image that separates it from 99 percent of the images flooding the internet as it is something that can’t be done without the right knowledge and equipment. A long exposure …

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Turning your iPhone into your back up camera with Pictar

In Gear by Brent Huntley6 Comments

I am the very definition of a hobbyist photographer.  I work a full time job, doing photography mainly on the weekends and when I travel and do not do paid shoots, although I have sold some images through stock websites.  Because of that, I try not to spend too much money on my camera gear. …

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Ultimate Guide to Steel Wool Photography

In Features by GregNoel5 Comments

      What is Steel Wool Photography Steel Wool Photography is using long exposures to capture the motion of hot embers flying through the air through the act of spinning burning steel wool.  These embers are so hot that they glow very brightly, and as they fly through the air the camera sensor captures …

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Comparing Long Exposure Noise Between Cameras

In Features by Kevin D. Jordan6 Comments

If you have ever tried your hand at night photography, it is possible you have encountered digital noise in your photos caused by the process of capturing long exposures.  Despite the advances in technology associated with the sensors that go into today’s digital cameras, capturing long exposures pushes the limits of the electronic components of …

10 Steps to Great Night Photos (Guest Post)

In Landscape/Nature by Jim HarmerLeave a Comment

This is a guest post by Silvio de Pecher, an Italian photographer who runs a website in which he frequently teaches night photography (in Italian). Shoot low ISO. There is a special value called natural ISO that transmits the minimum possible amplification on the sensor. It is generally 100 ISO for Canon and 200 ISO for Nikon. Shooting at this …

More than you wanted to know about noise

In Photo Basics by Jim Harmer19 Comments

This is a sample chapter from Jim Harmer’s book Improve Your Night Photography.  Check out the book! The success or failure of your night photography will likely depend on whether or not you have fully mastered your low-light shooting technique. A skilled night  photographer can leave a shoot knowing that all of her images were shot correctly …