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Sony Full Frame vs Canon Full Frame: Pros and Cons

In Gear by Rusty Parkhurst11 Comments

  Few things spark a debate faster among photographers than the topic of which camera brand is best.  The debate rages on and on as manufacturers continue to develop and release new camera bodies with more features and better performance.  Canon and Sony are two of the major players in this game.  Although Canon has …

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Best Lenses for Real Estate Photography

In Gear by Kirk Bergman7 Comments

Just like shooting weddings or landscapes, real estate photography has it’s own set of requirements to get the best images.  And the lens you use for shooting portraits or the Milky Way might not get you the best results if you are shooting real estate.  I know, like you need another reason to go out and …

What is the Advantage of Full Frame Sensor

In Photo Basics by Jim Harmer3 Comments

What is the Advantage of a Full Frame Sensor? A full frame sensor is the envy of most photographers – and with good reason. There are several advantages to having a larger sensor. A full frame sensor is the image sensor in your camera that is the equivalent of a 35mm film camera. The 35mm …

The Difference Between Full-Frame and Crop Sensor DSLR Cameras

In Gear by Jim Harmer83 Comments

One member of our community, Sean Allen, sent in a question to me through our Facebook Fan Page, asking the difference between full frame and crop sensor DSLR cameras.   Some of you may already know the answer to this question.  If you do, please share your knowledge in a comment below. Welcome to the …