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17 Camera Straps Reviewed and Compared

In Gear, Uncategorized by Brent Huntley7 Comments

Are you ready to upgrade your camera strap?  If you are anything like me, you are so focused on planning a photography trip, buying a new lens or expensive gear that you do not even think about upgrading your camera strap.  This all changed for me when I switched from Nikon to Fuji.  Even though I always hated my Nikon strap, …

Review of the Black Rapid RS-5 Camera Strap

In Gear by Jim Harmer6 Comments

The longest I have ever used the camera strap that comes with the DSLR is about 5 minutes.  They are so uncomfortable that I can’t stand it.  In fact, Canon and Nikon even sew little bits of broken glass into the fabric of their camera straps just to make it as uncomfortable as possible.  At least, that’s what it feels …