Pricing yourself is undoubtedly one of the most difficult parts of starting a photography business. We'd like to provide you with a good idea of what to charge for photography services. We can tell you how we got our start in business, and what pricing structures work best for each of us. This, along with Jim's Contract Package is the best way to help you start charging for your work. Check out the full business bundle by clicking here.

What's included in this pack?

  • Interviews with Connor Hibbs, Nick Page, AND Sandy Dorau – I sit down with these co-hosts of the Improve Photography Podcast to understand how they got started, what they charge for their work, and get insight from these professional photographers currently working in the field.
  • Price list template – This document gives you a jumping-off point to pricing your own services. Price lists included are: Portrait Packages, Wedding Photography, Corporate Headshots, Product Photography, Real Estate, and Event/PR Photography.

Before you purchase:

You can get both bundles (all my Contracts, Pricing, and a BONUS: Email Templates) for just $29!

Interested in pricing only? Purchase this pack here:

What format are the price lists written in?

I included the written files in docx format as well as PDF.  This way, anyone can access them. You can change any of the documents to fit your needs. The interviews are in MP3 format so you can download them and listen to them anywhere, anytime!

 Why are you selling these for $19!??!?!?!?

When I set out to create Improve Photography years ago, I determined that one of my missions was to keep training and other products for photographers at a reasonable price.  Money doesn't grow on trees at my house either.  I want good, solid resources to be within the grasp of ANY photographer.