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Photography Start™ is the ultimate training guide for budding photographers who want to master shooting in manual mode without thinking, capture tack-sharp photos every time, and want to learn to take advantage of the functions of their cameras.  But any beginning photography class can teach you the buttons and the dials.  Photography Start adds tutorials on the three things that really make a photo look professional: excellent compositions, great lighting, and post-processing.

Your instructor will take you on location in many of the videos and show step-by-step how he creates gorgeous photographs with even the most basic gear.

22 HD Video Lessons

Each lesson teaches you a new technique, with many videos filmed on-location so you can see exactly what to do to produce professional-quality photos.

Free eBook included!

 Get the highly-reviewed 83-page eBook “Improve Photography: How budding photographers can get pro results”.

Download and Keep Forever

The videos and eBook are yours to download and keep forever. Watch them on any device, as often as you like, for years to come.

All 5 units are included for one low price in Photography Start.

Jim HarmerAbout The Instructor

Jim Harmer is ranked in the top 40 most popular photographers in the world, with a million followers on social media.  He travels the world to holding his popular, completely free photography meetups with his readers across the globe and hosts the Improve Photography Podcast each week.  His photographs have been purchased by private art buyers as well as large publications such as Time, Readers Digest, and Nikon.  Jim is well known for his easy-to-understand and down-to-earth teaching style.