Sorry, your camera system is not (yet!) supported

lens-nerd-logoI wish I could have all of the camera systems updated in the lens finder from day one.  We chose the lens systems we'd support on day 1 by surveying our more than 550,000 fans on Facebook and found that over 96% of them shoot either Canon or Nikon.  That's how we made our decision.

Our next systems to be supported (in order) will be Fuji, Sony E mount, Pentax, Sony A Mount, Olympus, and Panasonic.

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Sorry again,

Jim Harmer

Founder, Improve Photography

19 thoughts on “Sorry, your camera system is not (yet!) supported”

  1. Hi Jim,
    I am patiently waiting in your full review of the Fuji gear, at least more than how much you love it. I have a Canon 5D MK lol and server always L lenses. I just came back from a second vacation and hardly used my Canon gear because I didn’t want to lug it around. Do you have any regrets with your move from Nikon to Fuji?

    1. Aloha Jim,
      How many of those people that use Nikon or Cannon know that their camera probably has a senor made by Sony. Nikon and Cannon are excellent cameras but everyone should look at what they can get for the money with Sony cameras.

  2. Jim, are any of the Nikon / Nikkor lenses that you had previously compatible with the Fuji?
    When I look on Sigma’s lens selection tool they state Nikon/Fuji as a single camera selection – which suggests to me they have the same fitting??

    1. The sigma comes in a nikon mount option AND a fuji mount option (and i think canon too). This does not mean the nikon mount lenses can be used on fuji bodies but im sure you can buy adapters if you want to do so. That being said most lenses specifically made for fuji bodies are better than using lenses intended for a non-native system. I hope this answered your question.

  3. I unloaded my heavy, bulky Canon 5D MIII and purchased Jim’s suggested Fuji XT-1. I sold all my Canon lenses and camera and had $ left over 🙂 I LOVE it. It’s life changing. I haul my Fuji everywhere and now I don’t miss those spontaneous…once in a lifetime shots. The pictures come out tack sharp and the focus speed is as fast (or faster) than my Canon 5DMIII. I got amazing pictures of my kids water skiing at Lake Powell, jumps and falls were awesome. I’ve also done family group shots and portraits…they loved them and so did I. One thing I learned from Jim, was NOT to add the UV filter to the lenses. I used to always add a UV filter on each lens to protect the glass from getting scratched. It’s cheap to replace a $50.00 or $100.00 UV filter than the entire lens. Once I got rid of the UV filter my pictures weren’t so muddy and flat and I pay more attention to keeping the lens cap on 🙂

  4. So I’m seriously thinking of dumping my Canon, it’s heavy and I’m getting older, it’s hard to carry around the extra weight in my shoulders and neck!!! What is your thoughts regarding the “new” X-T10. Looking at the spec’s it looks nearly identical to the XT1, but better on the pocketbook. What am I missing???

  5. I’m patiently waiting for the “lens finder” update on this site. I love my Fuji Xt-1 and need some advice on purchasing more lenses. I especially need a good lens that’ll add some good bokeh my pictures. HELP

  6. Hi, I’m going down the Sony A7 [full-frame] route, so recognise you don’t cover that here yet but… If I want to do mainly Wide Angle Landscapes, is there anything I need to consider in my lens choice? I’m guessing I don’t have to fuss about too low an f number right? is f4-6 range adequate if the quality of the lens is otherwise good?

  7. In the recommended gear, under camera, you say you use nothing but mirrorless, but under lens finder, you offer nothing for mirrorless. That make little sense to me, someone that wants to move into the mirrorless market from a Nikon DX.

  8. I wonder how hard it would be to answer the unanswered questions posted here months ago. I mean , really? The questions aren’t that involved. As someone who supports several systems, mainly Nikon, Fuji and Oly, and Canon in the past, I could answer them. You do have a great site and mission though.

  9. If anyone is looking for a good place to get info and reviews on unsupported lenses (I shoot olympus/micro 4/3) you might check out mirrorlessons.com, They seem to give really upbeat and helpful advice without being fanboys of any one product.

  10. Jim. I listen to you podcast every Saturday on my bike ride to ucf. you guys do a good job reviewing the high dollar gear. as for me, if I had a camra and lens that cost over $2k I would never let it leave the house. So do you guys ever review the more cheaper stuff? Also, how about legacy lens (the only lens that I use).

    My gear
    Sony A3000
    nikor 24mm NC non ais
    series e 28mm
    nikor 28mm 3.5 non ais
    nikor 35mm 2.0. non ais

    Mark in orlando

  11. I love my Olympus cameras from the OM-1 35mm, the E-30 and the OM-D EM-1. Waiting for the lens finder for the E-30 and OM-D EM-1!
    Thank you for all the great information and instruction!!

  12. Looking forward to your FUJI Lenses! I think that you will get a lot of traffic on this- the fuji route is how I originally discovered your fantastic site (via flash). Thanks from an xt20 dad.

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