Improve Photography Podcast Hotline

We welcome your audio into the Improve Photography Podcast.  Here are the details.

What Type of Audio Do You Want?

  • Feedback – If you listened to a previous episode and want to give a different opinion or perspective, I'd love to hear it.  It's okay to disagree, just do it in a way that is friendly and respectful of the podcast hosts.
  • Thoughts/Commentary on current events in photography – Comment on a new camera announcement, a story in the photo industry, etc.
  • Tips and Tricks – If you discover something cool on a shoot, or a cool photography Kickstarter or something, let us know!  Find a bug in your camera that nobody is talking about or uncover a new way to do off camera flash or whatever… let us know!
  • Questions – If you're working on something in photography and need some help or a direction, we're there for you.  Wondering how to price your services or how to get sharper images?  Great!  Send it in.
  • Etc.  – If it's something interesting to you, there's a good chance the whole community of Improve Photography will be interested.

How to Submit a Call from the iPhone

It's really easy, and this method gives the highest quality audio for use on the podcast.  Just follow these three steps:

  1. Open the Voice Memos app on your phone.  It's a default Apple app.  If you aren't sure how to find it, press in the middle of your screen and swipe down.  This reveals your app search box.  Type “Voice Memos.”
  2. Record your audio.  Please keep it to under 1 minute.
  3. Press the share button and then email it to [email protected]

How to Submit a Call from Android or a Computer

  1. Simply record the audio
  2. Email it to [email protected]

3 Tips to Get Your Audio on the Podcast

  • Limit your call length to 60 seconds.  Most calls are too long for the show.  Practice what you're going to say so you can say it clearly.  There will be some exceptions to call length as I'll let some 2 minute calls on the show if they are really well thought out, but we have tens of thousands of listeners, so we need to make sure every second of the show is worth listening to.
  • Start your call with “This is (your name) from (your city, state, or country).”  Listeners of the show like hearing where everyone is from.
  • Be sure your audio quality is good.  If you're recording from a cell phone, speak clearly into the phone in a place where there isn't a lot of background noise.

One last thing, we can't promise to reply to your email OR that your audio will be on the show.  There are just too many of you and only one of me.  But we'll do our very best.  Once you send in your question, rest assured we received it and we'll be including it in a future episode.

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