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Just wanted to send out a note that the Create Photography Retreat is happening in Vegas in late March, so now's the perfect time to book inexpensive plane tickets (I usually find about 6-8 weeks out is perfect for domestic flights).

They have a top-notch line up of speakers including Richard Bernabe, Greg Benz, and Jenna Martin–not to mention my personal FAVORITE photographers like Jeff Harmon, Nick Page, Erica Kay, and Connor Hibbs.

The Create Photography Retreat will take place March 28-30, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada with world-renown speakers, and shooting opportunities galore. More information and sign-up right here. You can use coupon code “Improve” to get $50 off the price of your conference ticket.

NOTE: Improve Photography LLC does not endorse, own, or sponsor the Create Photography Retreat. Create Photography Retreat is owned by a different company and Improve Photography LLC is not responsible for this event, but it's run by great people who we like 🙂

How open-minded are you in an investment to your passion? We are so excited about this year’s Create Photography Retreat! We know you will receive top-notch instruction to upgrade you as a photographer. Whether you are just getting started and don’t really know anything about your camera, or you are ready to start your next step as building a business in photography, or you just love taking pictures and want to have an awesome experience with some already set up ideas for you to shoot, THIS is the retreat for you!

We have amazing talent coming in that will be giving hands on instruction about a variety of genres. Portrait, Landscape, Night, Cityscape, Street, Macro, and more will all be discussed and experienced. There will be many hands-on opportunities to capture all of these. This is not your run of the mill, sit in a classroom, and gather lots of information in your head type conference. This is a retreat for you to actually participate in your passion. There will be non-stop action of learning and doing.

You will also receive hands-on instruction about post-processing with light Room and Photoshop. You will go away with new and improved photos to add to your portfolio. Learn it, then do it, then process it, so you can create what you’ve always wanted to create.

Photographers like you will be there from all over for you to connect and network with. You will come away with new friends to learn from and share with. Last year, this was one of the best parts of the retreat! Here’s what others said:

“I can’t wait for 2019 in Las Vegas cause I’m gonna be there and I’m gonna be there with my 5 friends that I met during the very first workshop class”

“You get a wealth of information thrown at you. Most importantly, you’re going to build relationships with other like-minded photographers.”

In addition to ALL of the above, you will also come away inspired! Our presenters are not just photographers who know all the go-to’s and logistics, but they are excited to help YOU as a photographer AND person become better at what you do and who you are to attract more clients, have more fun, and enjoy your passion of photography. These are some of the quotes that our attendees recorded as “golden nuggets” from the presenters:

“If you want to be a better photographer, start by being a better person”

“Being a great photographer is not enough. It is expected that you know what you are doing and can make beautiful, technically perfect images. What sets you apart from other photographers is your people skills and the experience you provide for your clients.”

“Don't use the excuse that you don't have enough time. You have all the time you need. You may need to get up early or stay up late, but if you want to make time for your photography you can.”

We are also so excited for our hands-on events! We have Sunrise & Sunset opportunities, underwater photography set up with Jenna Martin, Red Rock Canyon, Photo competitions, a rooftop wedding set up, and more!

We truly hope you’ll join us so we can serve you and you can upgrade your photography! This is YOUR retreat to Capture, Process, and Create!

A final thought from one of our Attendees, “The Create Photography Retreat is a fantastic conference, and that's coming from someone who hates conferences. From the venue, speakers, vendors, and events to how you make everything so approachable for hobbyists and pros alike, this event is a one of a kind opportunity to engage, learn, and grow.”

Invest in YOU now, visit to purchase your ticket!

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