Tips and Tricks on being Efficient (PS EP-47)

Main Segment:  

Erica and Nick chat about some of their best tips and tricks for efficiency while planning, shooting, and processing.

  • Planning:
    • 17 Hats
    • weekly/daily schedules
    • Plan out your sessions
      • locations (Scoutt), lighting setups, etc.
  • Shooting:
    • Shoot with a purpose
    • Put your assistant to work
    • if using flash, start with simplest setup.. then get more complex, rather than otherway around
  • Processing:
    • Photo Mechanic for culling
    • if culling with lightroom, use the library module
    • Hotkeys are your friend
    • Photoshop’s spot healing brush is way faster and worth the time to round trip
    • export presets can save a ton of time
  • Additional ideas:
    • Fundy for albums, blogs
    • Planogram for Instagram scheduling
    • FB post scheduler
    • schedule your blog posts in advance

Lessons Learned  

  • Nick:   edge of shade catchlights
  • Erica: I don’t know everything…duh!  Thank you to those of you who pointed out the truth behind the McDonald’s coffee lawsuit.  https://www.caoc.org/?pg=facts
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