Photographing Sports Teams (PS EP-46)

Main Segment:  Photographing sports teams

  • be organized
    • have a system to help you maintain who is who
  • have a helper
  • keep print sizes in mind
    • shoot knowing that most people will print at 5×7 or 8×10 sizes
  • Millers Lab
    • great resource for photographing sports teams

Listener Questions:

Phil Roccuzzo

Question regarding the posting of photos on social media: Often I see Nick Page posting photos from all kinds of sessions (which I assume are paid). How do clients react to posting their photos on social media? My experience has been that the client either wants to review the photos that will be posted and/or post the photos themselves. They tend to like revealing their photos rather than the photographer doing so. The downside of course is that I almost never get mentio…

Zelda Zaragoza Johns

I booked a quinceañera for the end of February. The girl wanted a portrait session on the same day, so I booked her for the portrait session and the party. It's going to be a really long day, kind of like a wedding, and I booked it for $650. She gets approx 30-40 digital images from the portrait session, plus all the images from the party, and I'm even throwing in a complimentary 16×20 print…………….. then the girl asked what is the $650 for if she doesn’t get prints….

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