Getting Covered and High Speed Sync (PS EP-45)

Main Segment:  Erica & Nick chat about insurance – the must haves, the how to's, and the things to consider.

  • Coverages
    • Inland Marine (aka equipment coverage)
      • Most homeowner’s policies won’t cover gear that is used for business purposes
    • General Liability (injuries or damage to someone else’s property)
    • Errors & Omissions (kind of like malpractice coverage)
    • Commercial Auto coverage (some car insurance won’t cover you if you’re driving for business)
    • Travel insurance
  • Companies to consider
    • PPA, CPS, Nikon Pro, etc.
    • Hill & Usher
    • All State
  • Tips
    • read the fine print
    • organization is key
      • Google Drive spreadsheet with names, serial numbers, value, date purchased, etc.
    • keep insurance info easily accessible (Google Drive, Evernote, etc.)
    • file a police report immediately

Lessons Learned  

  • Erica: Take a trip with other photographers!

3 Minute Reviews

  • Nick:  Talking HSS and overpowering natural light.  What is HSS good for and do you need it.
  • Erica:  Tilt shift (Canon 45 mm)

2 thoughts on “Getting Covered and High Speed Sync (PS EP-45)”

  1. I think the discussion about High Speed Sync did not take into account the newer studio strobes and strobe like speed lights (Godox AD360, for one) that have HSS available. These lights have plenty of power to overcome the loss brought on by HSS. They may not be as practical or portable as traditional speed lights, especially for weddings, but for other types of photography they can work quite well. There are of course other forms of HSS that these strobes support, such as Hyper Sync, Hi-Sync, etc. so YMMV depending on the technology and application.

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