20 + Tips for Better Portraits [PS 36]

Darin & Nick discuss a big change to the show.  The to follow up by providing general Portrait Photography Tips all image makers can find helpful.

What's in this episode:

  • Keeping client's back to the sun.
  • Single-Point Focus.
  • Shoot in the shade.
  • Exposing for the Highlights over Skin Tones.
  • Aperture can be key to telling the right story.
  • Choosing between tight shots or environmental portraits.
  • Learning how to shoot in Manual and using that knowledge.
  • Start simple when using flash.
  • Keep backgrounds simple.
  • Separate subjects from the background by moving clients further away from the background.
  • Embrace the weather.
  • Do not forget the Artsy Fartsy Shots.
  • Tune in for more excellent tips!


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  1. Is it possible to convert all your Q &A written in text ? because I think it is easier to understand by reading versus by hearing as it is hard to follow especially when you guys talk a little too fast and on technical terms.n Thanks very much

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