Below are the dates for the 2017 Improve Photography events.  Many of our workshops are FREE, which means you pay your own travel costs and sometimes a small fee (usually $50) to cover some of the group costs, but Improve Photography makes NO PROFIT from these trips whatsoever.  We do it to give back to our community.  These are usually larger trips with 40+ attendees.  Anyone is welcome to attend. PLEASE read the FAQ about the travel group if you have questions.  The answer is probably there.  If you have additional questions, just join the private Facebook group for the event and ask there.

Other workshops we offer are paid.  These are always much smaller groups with much more individual attention that are well-planned and where the instructor knows the area very well.  Not all workshops listed here are run by Improve Photography LLC.  Some are run independently by podcast hosts completely separate from Improve Photography LLC.

Image from our 2017 Improve Photography Retreat – Photo by Connor Hibbs

 Lighting for Portraiture – Colorado Springs

One of the unique features of our Improve Photography community is that you can get out in the field with us and shoot. Connor Hibbs and Sandy Dorau, two of our popular podcast hosts are teaching a two-day photography workshop that is all about lighting, retouching, and charging for portraiture.  You'll be in the studio with the best instructors getting HANDS ON, functional training. With the workshop fee at only $599, the workshop is very reasonably priced. Date(s) for this workshop and signup opportunities:

July 1st & 2nd, 2017

August 12th & 13th, 2017

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This workshop is NOT taught or endorsed by Improve Photography LLC. Sandy Dorau and Connor Hibbs are entirely responsible for the workshop.  We just think it's gonna be awesome and want you all to be able to take advantage of the opportunity.




  1. Jim and Darin,
    Hey guys, its great to see your setting up this touring workshop deal, awesome idea of a way to help people learn and work with you. You dont have Colorado listed on your dates, but if you or any of your blog readers or podcast listeners are in the Denver area feel free to contact me. Ill be happy to guide a few photographers on a journey with me to capture the magic of the Great Divide during the winter. I spend most weekends shooting the Colorado Rockies, and in the winter the journey is part of the experience! No matter if its snowshoeing, Xcounty skiing, or even on horseback through the powder we are sure to get this winter, images are always better when you sweat for them.
    Kevin Kossow

    1. I will be staying at Beaver Creek for a week the end of January. I would love to add a day of shooting to my ski vacation!

    2. Hey I live in CO. Lora and I would love to shot some together with a group if anyone wants to get together. We are near Boulder.

    3. Hey Kevin, Lora and I live near Boulder…I am fairly new to the area. If you ever want company on any shoots, let us know. Thanks

      We are heading to Iceland soon for a photo vacation…

    1. Most definitely a great place in the spring…Washington DC with the Cherry Blossoms

  2. Hi Jim! During my feedback with Darin, I mentioned an IP meetup at Cherry Springs Park in PA. It’s in Northern PA above Penn State. It’s one of only 2 cerified Dark Skies parks in the US. It would be a great location for night photography and Milky Way photography. Plus Watkins Glen State Park in NY and Ricketts Glen SP are not far. Both excellent places for waterfall photography. Just a thought. Here is link to the Cherry Springs SP

  3. dear sir
    good day. truly you shot marvelous photos . plz check our gallery in our website and i like to hear some comments from you .i most interested in group portrait but till now i have not shot excellent sharp photo.with my best regards

  4. will your new Lightshop enhancements be available for Mac users?
    I have been teaching myself photo techniques and currently use a Mac.


    1. Author

      @Karen S – Yep! I’m on a mac too. The presets work on PC and mac.

  5. I would like to propose a group trip to the Palouse region of Washington State in mid-June of 2015. I went this year for 3 days and am looking forward to going back in June 2015.

    I will spend 3 nights (minimum), and 4 days shooting. Not only are there terrific opportunities for daytime landscape and abandoned buildings and vehicles photos, but the night sky is extremely dark and clear for awesome milky way and star trail images.

    This is a link to some images from this past June.

    The area is flooded with photographers from all over the country so reservations are absolutely necessary, well in advance.


  6. Hopefully one day you will come down to Australia. Would love to see a day shooting somewhere like Jenolan Caves (Local to me, and a beautiful place to shoot)

  7. You should check out Louisville, KY for Derby. Parade, huge fireworks and air show balloon glow oh yah a horse race too

  8. We live in the UK and we had a fantastic time travelling the West Coast of the U.S. this year, we did Seattle to San Francisco and stayed at Cannon Beach (above)

    Once you’ve been to Cannon Beach you’ll always remember it, I’m a newcomer to photography but took some great pics there with my Panasonic CZ200

    Am looking forward to your New Lightroom pre-sets I have pre ordered!!! 🙂

  9. Come to Phoenix! I”ll put a bunch of you up for free!!! I’ll even make a breakfast or two if we are in the house to enjoy! 🙂 The Grand Canyon is 2.5 hours away, along with many other beautiful nearby sites!

  10. Forget Phoenix… Come to Tucson…! I’ll show YOU around… =:o)

  11. Jim, the north rim of the Grand Canyon is not far from the areas you plan to shoot in AZ and Utah. It’s worth adding, especially in early October. The leaves would just have started to change. We could go down the North Kaibab trail for a spell, which has some spectacular view of the canyon, or there are some other trials in the area.

  12. I want to propose Chicago. We have the lake front, great urban area, great state parks, fireworks every wednesday and saturday night and so much more. Something for everyone. Plus it is easy to get here because every airline flies here, it is centrally located for those who want to drive, and plenty of hotels and restaurants.

  13. I’d love to shoot the wedding!! How do we apply? It’s close to my birthday and I usually like to do something fun and crazy for that (ran a marathon on my birthday one year). Also, the UT/AZ shoot seems amazing. I’ve been wanting to go back there. I have a friend at the Navajo Nation at Monument Valley, VERY talented photographer. I’ll tell him about this. Thanks!!

  14. Hi , Jim
    Firstable I want to say thank you !!
    I took your online classes and I learned a lot
    I had been getting better in my photography lately and I will like to have the opportunity to
    Be in one of your travel workshop that could be feasible for me to attend . I live in Riversides ca
    I saw that your Oregon workshop is full 🙁 I will keep an eye ! Thanks Jim ..on behalf of my self and I .:))
    Sincerely .. Joe v .

  15. I may be interested in the South Florida photoshoot. I did not see it listed on your site. How can I get information on that shoot?


  16. I am interested in signing up for the South Florida class. How do I officially sign up?

    I am looking forward to it!!!

  17. I’m interested in the Maine shoot! I’m glad you’re making your way to the northeast. I live in Connecticut and I’ve wanted to shoot the Portland light for a couple of years now and I think this will make it a lot fun.

  18. Hi Jim,

    I’m an avid fan of your podcast, and have learned lots. Please keep up your great work. I a writing because I would LOVE to go on the Portland trip in February, but it looks like I am too late. My heart sunk when I saw that. If you have a waiting list or cancellation, PLEASE let me know and I will jump in in a heart-beat, Thank you for arranging these trips, and I can see they are obviously successful.

    Thank you for your consideration, and I will wait with hopes something opens up.

    With best regards to a wonderful 2015,
    Scott Fishman

  19. Jim,

    I am upset that I will be gone when you will be in Chicago for the Out of Chicago Conference. I went last year and it was fun and informative.

    I am really interested in the Utah and Mystery trips. Please keep me updated.

    The Maine trip sounds great especially since you are doing the coastline. I went with a company last year for a wildlife shoot, and there were no moose to be seen. It was very disappointing.

    Good shooting,

  20. I am interested in the trip to Maine. Would love to hear more about it when details are released. Thank you!

  21. Suggesting something in the DC area. Lots of monuments, statues, architecture, and people (street photography).

  22. Is there a waiting list sign-up form? I’d love to attend the S FL event but since it is closed am hoping someone cancels so I can take their spot!

  23. I’m interested in the Chicago shoot ! How do I officially sign up?



  24. OHH man, I’m a few months behind on the podcast due to work and christmas and I just heard about the workshop to Guilin, China and have to say you guys will have a amazing time. I visited the place 3 years ago and been itching to go back but due to having a baby its been tough to find the time.

    If you guys haven’t already got Yangshuo planned. I would had that in for sure or stay an extra few days and visit the amazing little city.

    Feel free to give ask me any questions you guys may have, I love Traveling in China and Guilin is one of my favourite cities.

  25. I’m interested in the south Florida trip. Is there a waiting list?

    Also, I check back daily looking for info on how to sign up for the Chicago event. I’m IN!!!

    1. I’d like to attend the Utah/Arizona workshop. I went to Moab three years ago and have been lucky enough to drastically upgrade my equipment since then so i’m in search of better photos for my portfolio.

  26. I would like to encourage you to try and schedule a trip to some historic city in the Southeast, like Charleston SC, Savannah GA, Chattanooga TN, St. Augustine FL. I would be all in for any of those or others, I didn’t see the SW FL one till it was full, but then again the Glades is not my exact idea of photography heaven. Love your show.

  27. New to your site and would like to sign up for your 29Sep-3Oct trip.

  28. My husband and I would love to attend the Southern Utah/Northern Arizona trip! I don’t want to miss the sign up time, what is the best way to find out when things are updated? Thanks!

  29. My brother and I are really looking to join the Utah/Arizona trip.

    Thanks for the podcast, excellent as always!

  30. What happened to the Maine trip? I wanted to go on that one and kept checking back for it. Is it cancelled?

  31. I was looking forward to that Maine trip. Please try to get that on the schedule again in the future.

    1. Maine trip hasn’t been completely cancelled. Just trying to figure out the best dates if possible and if able to work around some schedule conflicts. So, I’d recommend keeping an eye open for any updates!

  32. Hey Guys, I wanted to announce that with the amount of people who cancelled from the Florida trip. We still do have some open spots. I understand late notice but the Hotel we have reserved is allowing discounted pricing until the 20th. Please reach out to me if that’s something you’re interested in!

  33. Any idea when we’ll have more details about the Chicago meet up? I’m really looking forward to Out of Chicago and don’t want to miss the opportunity to get a little extra learning in!

  34. I’ve joined Facebook solely to participate in your workshops. I click the Facebook link on your website to the Arizona trip but I can’t find any information there. I just find a nice picture of a rock, and a bunch of individual photos of people. How do I get more information about this trip and how do I sign up? What am I missing? (Iadmit I don’t get Facebook at all!)

    1. Author

      @Jim – You have to join the group and be approved by an admin before you see the info.

  35. You go to the Facebook page and join the group. Once Jim approves you, you’ll be able to access the Google doc to sign up.

  36. When are you coming to Melbourne, Australia Jim?

    From what I see and read in feedback to your various topics you have a very healthy following Down Under!!!

    1. Author

      @Noel – Would love to make my way down to Australia, but flights are $2,000! I’ll keep looking for deals.

  37. I was on the Workshop page a few weeks ago and thought there was one for Maine in the fall, October maybe.
    Is my memory failing or was it pulled from the schedule?

  38. Any way to get on a cancellation list for the Southern Utah trip in November?
    Would also like to consider the Yellowstone trip but it looks like there is no way to sign up yet?

    1. I had the same question. 🙂 If it’s possible to be added to a waitlist, I’d love to be on it. I sent a request to the travel group Facebook page just in case.


  39. Also wondering what happened to fall workshop originally scheduled for Maine?
    Enjoy the podcast, thanks.

    1. Hey Les,

      It’s still up in the air at this point. Working out some scheduling conflicts at this time. We’ll update as time gets closer!

      Thank you

  40. I’d love to be on a wait list for Utah as well, if possible. Thanks!


  41. Would love to see your traveling band out east in the DC area. Maybe to do a all-architectural shoot. You know, monuments, captial, whitehouse, lots of statues…

  42. I must admit it I am a bit disappointed that about the Utah trip! I posted a message that I was interested back in January, and then find out that it is already booked!?

  43. I’d really like to go on 1 of these trips! Please tell me when and how to sign up! I’m a beginner. Thanks!

  44. If there is any way to put my name on the Yellowstone trip I would appreciate it. Spent some time there during the summer but winter has always been my dream trip.

  45. I would be interested in learning more about the Yellowstone trip.

  46. Looks like there are some good dark sky viewing locations in Yellowstone. Any chance there will be time dedicated to night sky photography and/ or light painting? Seems like Yellowstone would have some awesome foregrounds.
    Also wondering if there are plans for 2016 to make a trip to the southern hemisphere for some brilliant Milky Way shoots!

    1. yellowstone is awesome for dark skies.. although night photography is quite exciting with lots of wolves running around lol. Perhaps we need to have a trip dedicated to night photography! Perhaps Arches National park.. or Death Valley!

  47. Any updates on cost and sign ups for the OCTOBER 9-14, 2015 – MYSTERY INTERNATIONAL TRIP or the JANUARY 4-7, 2016 – WINTER IN YELLOWSTONE? I really enjoyed the SWFL Workshop and can not wait to attend the next one.

    1. I drove over to go to the Tulip Festival.. and I thought I had walked into a Human Zoo! I have never seen so many people in my life!

  48. I heard on a past podcast that you would be doing a travel group trip to Maine, but haven’t seen it listed. Just wondering if that was still happening and what the dates might be.

    1. I’m wondering the same thing Melissa is… about Maine. 🙂 Sounds lovely, and I’ve been waiting on a chance to head north… as long as it’s a warm time of the year! Ha!

  49. Hi,

    I live in London (UK ). I would be happy to help you to organize a workshop in london (UK).

    Great podcast !

  50. Very interested in the Mystery Trip and Yellowstone in Winter!!

  51. I would love to get more info about this trip, thanks! This is one of my favorite places! 🙂

  52. I would love to get more info about the Yellowstone trip, thanks! This is one of my favorite places! 🙂

    1. Author

      I hope to go back to Iceland in the near future and will let you all know when I go!

      1. I cannot believe I missed Iceland again!!! BOO HOO!! I hope you do get to go back again, hopefully I will not miss it a third time. I could kick myself. I don’t know how I missed it.

  53. Jim,

    Hi, I’m Herb-one of my acquaintances put me on to your app/site suggesting I pursue your Iceland trip last year. Honestly, I didn’t believe it was possible to take an Iceland trip with you for as little as he quoted me-it sounded way too good to be true!? DOH!

    Much to my dismay, he was right. I could kick myself now because I never investigated your app/site until a few months ago. I wish that I had done so much earlier. Truly, I appreciate your app/podcasts-and thank you for your time and efforts.

    That being said, any ‘rough idea’ as to when one may be able to register/sign-up for your Mystery Trip in October? I have a busy private medical practice & would love to join you/your group on this trip, but also prefer to give my patients as much of an advanced notice that I’ll be unavailable during that time, but wouldn’t schedule off if I’m not able to go.

    Thank you for your time & consideration,

  54. Jim, I am extremely interested in your October mystery trip!!!! Please let me know when the trip is available. Also, my husband is not a photographer but would love to attend the workshop as a non-participant. Maybe it would get him interested in the craft I love. Would he be able to accompany me?

  55. Hi Jim,
    I live in RI and I was just wondering if you are still heading to Maine in the fall.

  56. I’m very interested in your Yellowstone trip. I’m guessing I should rent some good telephoto lenses. I am eager to hear more! Thank you.

  57. Any plans to hold a workshop up here in Washington state in the near future? We have some beautiful landscapes and wildlife and I’d love to learn ways to improve how I capture them with my camera!

  58. You’ve taken down the “Mystery Trip” tentatively planned for Oct 2015. Have you crossed that off the list?

    1. Author

      @Sara Chase – Yes, I did. Focusing our efforts for the next international trip on 2016 China.

  59. I have been to China , but did not take the pictures. it was before i was into Shooting. Love to go. I have been to Shaghai, Sujo, and Beijeng. Want to go again!

    Interested in anywhaere fun to go!

  60. Any plans for fall trips? Or anything out here on east coast area… even in Indiana is only a day trip.

  61. I’m stoked for the Yellowstone trip! How soon do you guys think the details will be announced? I gotta know what city to buy my plane ticket to…

  62. Ever consider traveling to New York City or Long Islands East End??

  63. Jim, are you planning on coming back to Southwest Florida? Maybe we can finally photograph the Everglades?

    1. Author

      @John – I think it won’t be for quite some time. There’s a lot of world out there to photograph…

  64. HI Jim, Will there be any other 2016 workshops other than China? Was really hoping to be a part of one, but China is a little outside by budget. Love your classes and website, great information. Thanks.

  65. Any thought of heading to Churchill, Manitoba, Canada to photograph the polar bears? The best time of year to go is Oct-Nov. I am planning on going there in 2016 and would love to have a group of fellow photographers to go with.

  66. Hey guys, HUGE fan of this podcast and wanted to throw out a recommendation for workshop locations (as if you need more ideas!). Ok so heres my location suggestion: TEXAS! Ok so I’m partial because Im from Texas, but this state really is such a beautifully diverse place; we’ve got eastern pine forests, coastal wetlands, southern tropicsl (birds!), central hill country, northern grasslands, western deserts AND mountains (sky island habitat!). I’m a biologist for The Nature Conservancy (non profit environmental org) which allows be to travel all over and really get to see some beautiful places across the state. I hope ya’ll make it down this way, perhaps I could entice you with access to some really awesome nature preserves =P
    Anyways, Jim et al. I really have learned so much from the podcast network and appreciate everyone. Much love!
    Jacquie Ferrato

  67. I’m interested in your Yellowstone Workshop but I don’t have a Facebook account. Do you have another way to sign up for your workshop.

  68. I would love to see a trip to Abisco, Sweden to photograph the Northern Lights. Supposedly the best and clearest spot (weather wise) to see the lights!

  69. Jim and Crew, Once again I can’t thank you enough for putting these trips together! I had a great time in Yellowstone and can not wait for the next adventure! See you in China!

  70. I heard on a recent podcast that there will be a workshop in Glacier in Sept. I know it is open to IP Plus signups first, but was wondering when it might open to all others?

  71. Jim – I’m interested in the Glacier National Park workshop, I was wondering when you will have the dates for that trip and how to sign up?

  72. I cannot believe I missed out on Glacier!! I missed checking back for a couple of days and I missed it. Is there any chance of a waitlist??

  73. How is Glacier full? I joined IP plus and have been checking the site almost daily, have not seen any dates nor sign up yet. Jim can you please update us cause I don’t want to miss out.

  74. I will be in Glacier National Park in Sept. What are your dates for being there? Can I join for a session or just a day? Or, is it all or nothing?


  75. So what is happening in 2017. i will be photographing Puffins on Seal Island in July. Join me!!!!!

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